Listing of expertises of nucleome researchers
Dear Colleague,

As you may know, beginning of 2019, a COST Action named 'The International Nucleome Consortium' (INC) was launched under the initiatives of many researchers in 4D Genomics across EU ( COST ( is a funding organisation for research and innovation networks.

COST INC wants to establish a worldwide community of cooperation among multi-disciplinary nucleome/4D Genomics scientists to accelerate scientific breakthroughs leading to new concepts, innovative interdisciplinary approaches and realistic applications for health, agriculture and industry. In particular, the consortium aims at maintaining Europe’s leading position in this quickly developing and exciting field. The memorandum of understanding of the Action may be found here:

As primary goals, we want: (1) to make an evaluation of the different expertises in innovative technologies, data analysis and modeling in order to create a database of researchers across COST countries to facilitate networking, collaborations, training and sharing across the community; (2) but also, as COST INC is an open network, to contact researchers that are interested to participate actively in COST INC initiatives.

That's why we are contacting you in order to fill this rapid survey. It is composed of 6 short sections: (1) general information about you; (2) details about your research and your expertises; (3-5) questions regarding your concrete participation to COST Working groups: WG2 (Challenging the frontiers of experimental resolution) , WG3 (Developing big data analysis and applying 3D modelling tools), WG4 (Exploit the Nucleome in health and agriculture) & WG5 (Nucleome inspired technology transfer). You may, of course, be involved in several WGs.

We will be very grateful if you can help us in our initiative and we are looking forward for your participation to COST INC.
Thanks a lot

Best regards

The International Nucleome Consortium

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