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What is ShadowNite?
University of California, Berkeley
ShadowNite Program |
Thursday - Saturday, March 8th-10th, 2018

Shadownite is a FREE three day, two night event held by REACH!, the Asian Pacific Islander Recruitment and Retention Center, at the University of California, Berkeley. Our mission statement is as follows:

“Shadow is a mentorship program whose purpose is to encourage underprivileged and low-income high school students -- both college and non-college bound -- into understanding that higher education is important and A RIGHT. However, we want students to know that higher education is but one option and is not the only option. Shadow attempts to help students understand that higher education is a form of empowerment to challenge their current economic status and the social injustice they currently face within their respective communities. Shadow provides the tools for students to critically evaluate their life experiences so that they can feel empowered to pursue various post-secondary paths.”

-Revised March 2017

For this event, we transport high school students (for FREE) from Northern and Central California to the UC Berkeley campus to participate in activities and workshops designed to inspire and empower youth to pursue higher education and explore their own identity as an Asian and/or Pacific Islander in America. The workshops will vary from semester to semester but will typically include topics like social issues that concern the Asian Pacific Islander community as well as a few workshops on Academia and options after secondary school (High School/ Continuation School). This is an amazing opportunity not only to see what college may have to offer but also to connect with a larger community of Asian Pacific Islander students who have passions and ambitions for the future.

The program for Spring 2018 is taking place from March 8th to March 10th. Students will be picked up after school on Thursday, March 8th—at their respective school’s parking lot closest to the main office--and will be missing school Friday, March 9th. We will try our best to notify the student’s school administration about their absence, but the student should also have their parent/guardian contact the school to excuse their absence for Friday, March 9th.

Also note, for this program we will need proof of your medical insurance. If you have any concerns with this, please contact us immediately through the email:

If you have any questions about this event/program, or if you are interested in other resources that REACH! provides, please contact us at the email you see below. Thank you for applying for REACH!’s Spring 2018 ShadowNite and we look forward to meeting you!


Shadow Team 2017-2018
Michelle Mai | Dara Sengchanthavong | Naomi Chau | Kevin Duong | Anna Okada | Julie Thao
(510) 326-2012

1) Answer required question(s) on the application completely and thoughtfully.
2) Deadline for completed applications is 11:59PM on Friday, February 16th, 2018.
3) You will be contacted by REACH! of your application status on February 20th.
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