ListRunner - Designer

ListRunner ( is looking for a full-time and experienced UX/UI designer.

What is ListRunner?!

Believe it or not, doctors are still using paper as their main tool to manage their team and track critical information. Not only is this inefficient, it is highly dangerous. 400 000 patients die every where due to miss-communication errors.

ListRunner is a HIPAA compliant mobile app that replaces these paper.

Doctors are desperate as they can't use Evernote or Google doc because those aren't built for patients data. They can't even use email to communicate with their team else they'd get sued. They're stuck with paper and pagers.

We've got amazing traction, have thousand of doctors waiting to start using ListRunner and we're into the best startup accelerator.

Designing such an app isn't easy, but if you're up for the challenge, please send me an email (

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