2020 Senior Dedication Contract - K-Tech Unleashed Yearbook
Directions: Please fill out all fields completely and meet all guidelines and deadlines as described in this contract.

The due date for senior ads is Friday, January 17, 2020. If space allows, we will include senior dedications submitted after the deadline in the order they are submitted. We must have all photographs and payment before the ad will be created. This form will date/time stamp your entry upon submission. Payment can be made on ACORN (https://www.studentquickpay.com/pasco/) or with cash or check made out to WKTHS delivered to room 222.

Any questions can be directed to Mrs. D'Avanzo in room 222 or email ktechyearbook@gmail.com
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At times we need to communicate with you about your ad. Sometimes it is more efficient if we can contact the senior at school, but we don't want to do this if the ad is a surprise for your son or daughter. Please indicate your preference below. *
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Please type your message to your child. Remember to check spelling, punctuation, and grammar because we will copy and paste your message onto your ad. Recommended word count is 50 - 175 total words. The longer your message, the smaller the text and photos on your page. *
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Advertising Policy: Terms and Conditions
1) Background colors and graphics will be left to the discretion of Unleashed staff.
2) We will email a proof of the finished ad to the email you provided. You will have 1 week to reply to the Unleashed staff regarding corrections and concerns. If we do not hear from you, your proof will be final.
3) Please type or print your message. Be very careful with spelling. Remember that long text will result in small font and may be cut if necessary.
4) No refunds or picture changes will be allowed.
5) The Unleashed staff reserves the right to edit content to meet good journalistic standards and to create the ad layout to fit the submitted pictures.
6) Page numbers may appear on your child’s ad and cannot be removed.
7) All content should be reviewed and approved by you, the buyer of this ad. Unleashed staff will review all content, but ultimately, the buyer is responsible for messages, quotes or photos that push the boundaries of good taste.
8) Unleashed is a student publication. Rarely, mistakes are made and items are misplaced or confused. We strive to achieve perfect ads, but require your assistance by replying to our emails promptly and reviewing your proof immediately upon receipt. Refunds will not be offered for mistakes missed by the buyer on the proof.
Acknowledgment of Policy Terms and Conditions *
Photo Policy: Terms and Conditions
The preferred method of photo submission is jpeg. Please name the jpegs according to the order of importance for inclusion on your ad. These numbers will determine photo placement and size on your ad (ex. #1 will be the largest photo on the layout).
1) You may email jpeg pictures to ktechyearbook@gmail.com.
2) Jpeg quality is important, so please do not send us blurry photos or extremely small files. They will appear blurry in the yearbook.
3) Unleashed staff will place and crop photos into a layout and submit a proof to you via email.
4) Email or submit all photos by the deadline.
1) Please do not send original copies of irreplaceable photos. Every effort will be made to return all pictures in the spring but cannot be guaranteed. Do not send any photos that cannot be replaced.
2) Please label the back of each picture with the student’s first and last name. Also number the photos with the numbers that correspond to the importance of photos on the layout you selected (ex. #1 will be the largest photo on the layout). Place all photos in a large envelope clearly labeled with the senior’s first and last name.
3) Please do not cut photos. We will convert them to jpegs and place them to fit the appropriate size.
4) No collages, please. These do not reproduce well, as the images are too small to see.
5) Deliver all photos by the deadline. Your senior may drop off items in room 222, you may drop off items to the main office and request that the envelope is placed in Jayme D'Avanzo’s mailbox, or you may mail your envelope to the school to the attention of Jayme D'Avanzo.
Acknowledgment of Photo Terms and Conditions *
Payment and Submissions
Pay online at https://www.studentquickpay.com/pasco/ OR pay by cash or check, payable to Wendell Krinn Technical High School. Your senior may drop off your check in room 222, you may drop off a check to the main office in an envelope and request that the envelope is placed in Jayme D'Avanzo’s mailbox, or you may mail your check to the school to the attention of Jayme D'Avanzo.
I understand that my ad is not complete until payment, photos, and message have been received by Unleashed yearbook staff. The deadline is December 13, 2019. I will watch my email for a proof in third quarter, and I will email ktechyearbook@gmail.com by February 17th if I have not received a proof of my ad. *
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