Get 2000(20$) $NLC COIN (KYC REWARDS)1000 People.
Please fill in the form and complete social tasks to be rewarded 2000 NLC tokens as a reward. The following tasks to be completed *Limited to 1000 People* :

1.Join telegram group ( +250 NLC
2.Join telegram channel ( +250 NLC
3.Follow twitter ( +250 NLC
4.Retweet pinned message and +250 NLC
5.Register from the reference link and Approved KYC. ( +1000 NLC
Website :

Top 5 referrers will get this prizes:
1- 1 ETH
2- 0.6 ETH
3- 0.5 ETH
4- 0.3 ETH
5- 0.1 ETH
*References are required KYC.*
Cheaters don't get rewards.
Referral contest prizes will be distributed with airdrop distribution. To be listed in March.
Those who do not confirm their identity cannot receive awards.
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