Peace Justice Conference 2019
Why Peace Justice Conference?
The world is in desperate need of peace and events that promote peace.
At The Necessary Teacher Training College we also know that the world is full of good people and many good initiatives. This conference aims to fulfil the urgent need of connecting the dots: connect the people with our beautiful world’s diversity, connect the strong will power of many citizens with the practical actions that, one day, will make history, connect the wisdom and awareness with our daily lives and – all together – strive for a better world: where wars of all kinds, and violence, will no longer have space and place to be.

When and where?
10 – 12 May, 2019 at the Tvind Campus where speakers and contributors are accommodated, as well as, participants and volunteers. The campus is located nearby Ulfborg, in Denmark.

How can YOU participate?
You can join the conference in two ways:

1. As a participant for the conference on 10 – 12 May 2019.

2. Take part of the Peace Justice Camp* on 6 – 9 May first, and then join the conference.

*The camp will focus on creating different products, based on topic of peace and social justice, like theatre, videos, musical performances, murals or other visual arts as well as practical preparations for the main event as well. The camp products will be presented at the conference.

How much does it cost?
Around 20 euros per day (the exact costs are described in the further step of the form)
*We try to keep the costs as low as possible, but we simply cannot manage to organise this event without your contribution. The costs differ according to how you participate, the price is explained in the second part of the form. The biggest part of the cost covers your food (in some case accommodation) and supporting our speakers and facilitators to arrive to the school and in some cases contributions for the amazing work they do. We want to make clear that we do not earn any money of this event, nor do we have any sponsors. Our motivation is Peace and Justice in the world.

Who is hosting the event?
DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College is the main host and organiser of the event, together with PTG International Youth College.When organising this event, we also cooperate closely with CICD – College for International Co-Operation and Development, One World Institute Norway and One World Center in Lindersvold, Denmark.

How to sign up?
Fill in the form below where you tell a bit about yourself and in which sort of participation would you be interested in. We will do our best to reply to you within 3 days.

Interested in doing a workshop at the conference?
Send us an e-mail to and you will be sent a form where you can tell us more about the topic for the workshop that you want to host. We will look through all applications and happily select those who are ready to inspire others and give a good and unique contribution to the conference.

*The programme for the conference is in process of being developed.

See some of the videos to get to know more about the conference

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