Better Days 2020 Internship Application
Better Days 2020 is looking for an intern to work with our passionate team. The year 2020 marks the 150th anniversary of Utah being the first place where women cast ballots in the modern nation (February 14, 1870). It also marks the centennial of the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote nationally. Better Days 2020 is committed to popularizing Utah women's history in creative and communal ways in celebration of these anniversaries. We believe that we can use the past to make Utah a leader in women's advancement again in the future.

This position is a one-semester internship that will provide students an opportunity to hone their research and writing skills while engaging in ways to popularize history for K-12 students and the general public. Interns will work directly with the Historical Director and Director of Education, as well as other Better Days 2020 team members, to assist with the following: 1) developing written and interactive content for our educational website and print materials, 2) sourcing, filing, and getting permissions for photos to be used in our materials, and 3) depending on experience, presenting content to general audiences. Interns must have a willingness to work for a scrappy non-profit, on a fast timeline, and in a tight-knit, collegial atmosphere. They should have a foundational knowledge of Utah women's history and how it fits into the larger national narrative, as well as a passion for the subject.

Interns will work on a schedule (roughly 10 hours a week), but will be able to establish the times that work for them. This is an entirely flexible position with no fixed office space. Interns must be willing to work from home or in a place they provide, and must be available to attend occasional meetings with other team members or partners along the Wasatch Front (primarily in Salt Lake and Utah Valleys). Preference will be given to junior and senior history majors, but other majors will also be considered. There is a possibility for a stipend or hourly rate to be paid to interns.

Application Due Dates:
For Spring/Summer Semester Internship: April 25
For Fall Semester Internship: August 6
For Winter Semester Internship: November 15

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