This is not the typical one size fits all questionnaire. Each answer will lead to a different path of questions.
The more you answer the more the questions are related deeper to the hard questions we are sometimes afraid to ask ourselves as remote workers.
Your answers will have an impact on how the #coislanding* experience will be designed for Cocohub space
*learn more about what #coislanding is defined as, at the final part

When the sample is large enough the aggregated results will be shared to all participants and publicly without any references to names. We value your privacy.

Are you excited of being part of this ?
Get even more excited when you learn that at the end you will have 100% chance of winning 2 booking passes for 2 days of #coislanding experience at COCOHUB Coworking Space in Corfu Island in Greece

Many thanks for taking the time to participate

George & Alexandra - http://cocohub.space
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