2021 Infinite Recharge Rookie FIRST Robotics Competition Argosy Foundation and FIRST in Alabama Grant
Grant Details*:
Awarded Rookie Team will receive $3000.00 (restricted to registration) for the 2021 Infinite Recharge Season paid directly to FIRST Headquarters into you team account.
Awarded Rookie Team will receive $1000.00 (educator/mentor stipend) for the 2021 Infinite Recharge Season
Awarded Rookie Team will receive $500.00 for specific team needs (travel, tools, robot parts, transportation) 2021 Infinite Recharge season

Grant criteria and obligations*:
This grant is for the current 2021 Infinite Recharge Season.
This grant is to be completed by 2021 rookie (first year) Alabama FIRST Robotics Competition Teams only. All other FIRST programs are not eligible for these funds.
Teams must apply for grant via this application and meet all criteria in order to be eligible.
Teams must fulfill grant obligations.
Teams must be from Alabama.
Team must pre-register for the season https://login.firstinspires.org/core/login?signin=ec76d2dc8ebec14a8073a3a3cde0362e and to be eligible for these funds your team must attend the 2021 Rocket City Regional.
Teams should have at least one committed mentor (educator, industry volunteer, parent, one dedicated adult)
Teams should have at least 8 student team members
Teams must submit to FIRST in Alabama an end of the season report
Teams must submit a team photo with robot attending the Rocket City Regional to FIRST in Alabama
Teams must submit note or other form of an appreciation of gratitude to Argosy Foundation
Teams must post, tag and be active on at least one of FIRST in Alabama social media platforms

Application Timeline*:
Opens Wednesday August 6, 2020 12:00 PM CDT
Closes Monday December 13, 2020 12:00 PM CDT(or when funds are depleted)
Teams will notified via email (be sure to submit an email you use daily) of their award status by December 20, 2020. Please note that completing an application does not guarantee funding and all teams should be actively fundraising and seeking additional funding opportunities.

For additional fundraising and and grant opportunities www.firstinalabama.org and visit www.firstinspires.org

Team's must apply to Rocket City Regional before funds can be applied to your account at FIRST Headquarters.

If you have question please review the FAQs document. If you further questions please direct your questions to Dana Hobbs, Regional Director, dhobbs@firstinspires.org

By submitting this application on behalf of your FIRST Robotics Competition team you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of this grant. This includes an understanding that this grant is restricted to event registration for Rocket city Regional and a commitment to the requirement and obligations.

*Review FAQs for more details
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