Digital Footprint Test
Answer the questions and you will know your Digital Footprint Score on the Internet.
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1-Do you Access the Internet every day? *
2-How many hours do you go online? *
3-Do you Access the Internet via your mobile phone? *
4- Do you share songs on the Internet? *
5-Do you share videos on the Internet? *
6-Do you attend discussions on forum pages? *
7-Do you make comments about the news you read? *
8-Do you receive and send instant messages? *
9-Do you chat? *
10-Do you have social media accounts? *
if you solve the test on paper, count how many a and how many b answers you have. Multiply your number of option a by 2 and your number of option b by 1. Then add up both points. This will be your Digital Footprint Score on the Internet
Please, insert your score here *
If the total score is 9; In the digital environment, your footprints are not very intense. Review your answers. Some of the things you share on the Internet come with risks for your safety. Although the scarcity of tracks carries little risk, you should still be very careful when sharing your private information
If the total score is between 10-14; The digital footprint is pretty intense. You should review your posts immediately and be more sensitive about protecting yourself on the internet from now on. Look at your answers again. What do you think are the behaviors that increase the digital footprint on the internet? And what should you do?
If the total score is between 15-20; The digital environment, the internet, is full of your footprints! What are you sharing on the internet? Now consider the answer to this question and assess your situation. You are not too late yet, but you have to make some decisions and implement these decisions. From now on, you have to be careful from the moment you access the Internet and avoid behavior that will harm your reputation. Remember, your digital footprints are not erased. Make yourself a list and write 'rules you shouldn't do while online' on this list. Hang this list somewhere you can see it on your computer and take control of your digital footprint.
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