AFSCME Florida Survey: Workers Rise for Climate Justice
Through support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, AFSCME Florida, the South Florida AFL-CIO and the Workers Rise for Climate Justice Coalition is seeking to gain comprehensive understanding of opinions and concerns surrounding climate change and its impact to jobs and livelihood of union members and workers through a less than five-minute survey.

The survey’s results will inform campaigns aiming to protect and improve jobs, livelihoods, and communities in South Florida.

We define climate change as follows:
The Earth is getting warmer, and its changing climate is making our weather increasingly extreme and unpredictable. For example: stronger and longer hurricanes; erratic periods of drought and heavy rainfall; and more flooding due to sea level rise and torrential rains. Scientists have discovered that human activities are causing the Earth to warm, which harms not only nature but people as well.

AFSCME Florida thanks you for participating in this survey.
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When are you filling out this survey? *
Thinking about your own life and work, please list what you think are the most serious problems that you face today. Please list up to three. *
Thinking about the children in your family or community, what in your opinion are the most serious problems they’ll face in their future lives? Please list up to three problems. *
Now turning our attention to the topic of climate change: How much do you think climate change will harm you personally? *
Here’s a list of everyday issues that concern some people more than other people. Are you yourself concerned with any of these issues, or not? Please check if the issues by: very concerned, somewhat concerned or not concerned. *
Air/water quality/land pollution
Ethnic/Racial discrimination
Access to food
Climate Change
Abusive managers
Work safety
Work schedule & hours
Job security
Work wage & benefits
Community & neighborhood conditions
Police conduct
Access to green spaces and rec facilities
Retirement savings
Sea-level rise
Gun Violence
Zika, Mosquito Borne Diseases
Climate Change is likely to result in an increase of extreme weather events. Have extreme weather events like hurricanes, flooding, or high heat impacted your job on a day to day basis? If so, how? *
Has climate change interrupted your job, wages, or benefits? If so, how and how much did you lose? *
Have extreme weather events like hurricanes, flooding, or high heat impacted your housing situation or household expenses? If so, how? *
If you were the mayor, what would you do to address climate change? *
What do you think your union or organization should be doing to address climate change or any other issues that you want to mention? *
What is your home zip code? *
What is your gender?
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Is there anything else that you want to add that we may have missed?
Do you want to learn more about Climate Change and want to be involved in local environmental campaigns?
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