Introduction to Marxism discussion groups
Capitalism is coming into crisis; now is the time to become an organised socialist. These discussion groups bring together people from all over Australia to discuss Marx's understanding of capitalism, crisis, and revolutionary socialism. Learn about why the system we live in comes into such vicious crises, but also how we can transform the world around us to create a society based on human need rather than profit. Investigate the ideas of Socialist Alternative to figure out if you want to join Australia's biggest socialist organisation.

The discussions will run as a short course. First everyone doing them will come into a joint call, and then we will break off into smaller groups to facilitate better discussions. Each discussion will be facilitated by a member of Socialist Alternative, around the following topics. We will talk through them in order, so if you have never done one before, start at the beginning. Once you choose a session, we will email you a link to the zoom call to participate.

1. Capitalism
2. Class
3. Revolution & socialism
4. The state
5. Imperialism
6. Racism
7. Gender & sexuality
8. The Russian revolution
9. The defeat of the Russian revolution
10. Socialist organising
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