Open Call for Video Art/Short Film SCREENING with the theme of CONTROL

One could claim that everything within the realities we produce, experience, narrate, perform, research, and imagine, is inevitably an interactional matter; matter of power and thus, also, of control.

Control is a means of limiting or regulating something, and in vernacular use, the term has a slightly negative echo. Nevertheless, like many such concepts, control is not a negative nor positive term per se, but its quality is bound to the context: to particular perspectives and circumstances. By dictionary, control defines not only as "the ability to restrain one's own emotions or actions," but also as "the power to influence or direct people's behaviour or the course of events."

The concept of control contains the idea of an attempt to influence or restrict an activity, tendency, phenomenon, or situation in a determinative manner. Then again, also the risk of losing control is inevitably and indivisibly encapsulated by the notion.

What kinds of scenes might the theme of control cover in the contemporary?

We do not want to limit the reading of the theme strictly. Let your work emphasize and engage a soci(et)al, political, personal or any other perspective (for instance human and technology); we welcome submissions from artists who find their work dealing with the theme of control.

The screening will happen in autumn 2019. The event is curated by Third Space collective members Sepideh Rahaa and Elina Nissinen.

The deadline for submission of your work(s) is 30.07.2019

- Individual artists can submit up to two works.
- There is no time limit of the production year.
- Artists should submit their work via a link to online platforms such as Vimeo, Youtube &, etc.
- The work should be of high artistic quality.
- We are looking for original work, made by artists.
- The work must be completed when applying.
- Videos/films with another language than English should include subtitles in English.
- For promotional purposes, the entries must be accompanied by a minimum of one high-resolution image of the piece (to be reproduced, published and/or exhibited as they pertain to the screenings).
- Preferred length of the work is a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes.
- Multi-channel video/film combined as one channel can be submitted.

*** Please consider the application deadline. No work submitted after the open call is closed can be taken into account. The result will be announced August. For any questions or further information, please contact

We recommend the technical requirements below. You may also submit work with other technical qualities. This recommendation is based on the facilities that we will have.

HD high-resolution version of the video work
Formats of the video: mov or mp4
Audio: 128 kbps, AAC, 2 channel stereo


Third Space is a cross-border collective and a long-term cultural project that seeks to transcend the invisible lines that separate us. Our collective identity and goals are shaped by diverse geopolitical views and backgrounds. Our aim is to observe from both ‘the outside in’ and ‘the inside out’ so as to create new ways of understanding. We practice re-thinking and re-defining border-discussing categorization by translating theories into actions. As the art field is becoming increasingly capitalized and art practices are becoming increasingly individualized, we promote collaborative practices over competitive ones. Third Space is an incubator for generating ideas, a space for encounters, a space for people, art and its production.

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