Pay What You Can Place: Eight Weeks of Space July 2020
Hi pals,

I'm so glad you've found yourself on this page!

I offer a pay what you can place (sometimes more than one if there is space) in each Eight Weeks of Space group.

This place is for you if you identify with any (or all - I love multiple box tickers!) of the following statements and would love to join Eight Weeks of Space but aren't able to afford it right now:

- I am Black
- I am a person of colour
- I have a disability or chronic illness (physical or mental - obvs)
- I am trans
- I am neurodiverse

[I've based this list of statements on the list of 'protected characteristics' under The Equality Act 2010]

I won't - and will never - ask you how much you can afford to pay for this place. I just ask you a bit about your business and what you'd like to get out of our time working together.

When I offer you a place, I will contact you with a link, so you can pay whatever is affordable for you for the place.

I will contact you by 1st of July to let you know whether you have a place.

Thanks so much for being here

Jo xx
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