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If you currently have or previously had other pets in the past, please provide the name, address and phone number for your veterinarian.
If yes, please tell us what kind, age, gender, and anything else about them that might be important for us to know...
If yes, have they been spayed/neutered?
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Have they been vaccinated?
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If you have a dog, is he/she heartworm negative?
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If yes, when was their last heartworm test done?
If you have a cat/kitten, is he or she Felv/FIV negative?
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Do you provide flea/tick prevention for your pet(s)?
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If yes, what brand?
Do you have a fenced yard for dog/puppy foster care?
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If yes, what kind of fence and how tall is it?
Do you know how to crate train?
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Are you familiar with our puppy training schedule? (requires letting puppy out every 4 hours, around the clock, and feeding 3 times daily)
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Is this possible with your schedule?
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If you foster puppies, can you keep them for two weeks or until the age of 16 weeks or longer, until they can be spayed/neutered?
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If you foster a dog, can you train with basic commands?
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Are you willing to work with your foster pet 10-15 minutes per day in the areas where he/she needs training?
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Do you have any experience in providing special needs care? such as bottle feeding, medication, checking temperature, liquifying food, changing bandages? (Check if "yes", leave blank if "no")
If you have experience with other special needs, please explain...
Are you aware that placement in your home will be only temporary, and that you will be expected to eventually give up the pet for adoption?
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Would you be willing to volunteer?
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If yes, how would you like to help? (check as many as apply)
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