Knights & Ladies of the Flame Summer Retreat 2020 - Community
KLF Summer Weekend Retreat 2020
We aspire to be the Community of the Holy Spirtit which is the communion of souls serving the Holy Spirit who are one in love, in truth, in life, working together for the benefit of mankind and the establishment of the golden age. An actual physical community which such souls establish to further the aims of the Great White Brotherhood and to fulfill individually their sacred labor; e.g., the Essene community in Qumran.
Note: Pre-Registration ends July 10th!

Come to the next KLF International Retreat Virtual, summer 2020! Be part of a unique experience with friends from all around the world in an environment of brotherhood and peace; the perfect place to connect with God and awaken your divine potential!

Accelerate your spiritual path with the guide of the Ascended Masters and learn keys we all need to know to meet today's life challenges and achieve mastery, participate in decrees, mantras and meditation, yoga sessions and much more!

We all know about karma, the law of cause and effect. Yet for most us, karma is a theoretical concept. We understand it intellectually, but we don’t think of our PERSONAL karma as the reason for our problems.
The key is to learn the lessons behind the karma. And remember: karma is never punishment. Karma is our merciful teacher in the schoolroom of earth. The karma antidote, known as the violet flame, has been brought to us by the Ascended Masters. The violet flame is the sacred fire of the seventh ray, and it is a great spiritual gift for our time. You can invoke the violet transmuting flame during the retreat.

General information
Participants: Young adults ages 18-36 years old
When: The Retreat starts on Saturday, July 11 at 9am-9pm and ends on Sunday July 11 in the 9am-6pm.
Where: Zoom

For more information, please contact us:
WhatsApp: +1 406 224 3888
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KLF Retreat Pledge
I pledge to do all that I reasonably can to make this retreat a great experience for myself and everyone else. I will do this by maintaining a positive attitude towards all people and events at the retreat and by embracing the KLF Values: Integrity, Brotherhood, Compassion, and Pursuit of Wisdom.

I recognize that the retreats are a great opportunity to make spiritual progress, and I will do all that I can to help others and myself on our own spiritual paths.

I will attend all planned activities and learning sessions in which I am physically and emotionally able. I will show respect in all planned activities and learning sessions. I will also respect everyone's beliefs and ideas, and I will respect all mentors, both adult and youth, just as they will respect me.

I agree to follow the guidelines that we will all set together in our first retreat session.

If I have a problem or a disagreement, I will try to resolve it in a positive way with consideration for others' feelings. I will not listen to or spread gossip or rumors about others.

I agree not to use alcohol, drugs, or tobacco while at the retreat.

For the duration of the retreat I choose to focus on my own spiritual growth and spiritual friendships, and not exclusive or "dating" relationships.

I am attending this retreat because I want to be there.

I certify that I am between the age range required to participate in this event (18 - 36 years old)

Signed with sincerity.
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