Early Release Form
Please use this electronic form when your child need to be released early from school for an early dismissal.

Upon arrival at the school, whoever is picking up your child must come to the high school office to show ID to pick up your child. Thank you!
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Reason for Early Dismissal: Please state the reason for the early dismissal. ** A doctor's note or other legal document may be submitted to the office at a later date. *
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If you selected Pick-up Person as "Other", please write the name & relationship of the person.
Parent/Guardian: You are submitting this form as a legal parent/guardian with rights to pick-up your child. Please understand that if you are found providing misleading information regarding your custodial rights, you will be turned in to Local Law Enforcement and CYS.
If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Partozoti at 724-796-1551 ext 2327 or jpartozoti@fortcherry.org.
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