Catalyst Community Poll - Where We Are and Where Should We Go?
This is a poll devised by the Catalyst development group to help us understand the Catalyst community as a whole. Filling out this form shouldn't take too much time and it will help us guide choices we make to invest limited volunteered development time. In addition, one lucky winner will get to set the theme for the upcoming Catalyst Development Town Hall and all people that answer the poll will get to ask questions at the town hall. So if you want to participate in the Town Hall, you have to do the poll :)

How long have you been using Catalyst? *
Roughly how long have you used Catalyst, (its ok if there are gaps in the time period)
My Catalyst level of Ability is...? *
Rate yourself in terms of how well you feel you know the framework. If you were part of a team, consider that a personal achievement (for example, if you were on a team that build a Catalyst website, that would satisfy at least level 3 Familiar level ability.
My motivation for being part of the Catalyst Community *
Choose all that Apply
Who am I? *
Choose all that apply
How Happy am I with Catalyst? *
Even if you are not a programmer, try to rate your feelings about the framework. Also, it is not a contradiction to both use the framework regularly but be unhappy with it to some degree
Very Happy
I am planning to use Catalyst on a future project *
Your best guess on how likely you are to build a new website in Catalyst
Starting one tomorrow!
Release Cycle: How Frequently should Catalyst be Released? *
Do you prefer longer release cycles with more testing and larger feature set changes or shorter release cycles with fewer changes per release. Answering "infrequent" would indicate a preference for long release cycles (yearly or so) with perhaps quarterly point releases for bugfixes. Frequent would indicate a preference for reqular releases (biweekly) which would mix bugfixs and features
New features versus backwards compatibility *
What's more important to you? The core team would like your guidence as to how much time we should put into maintaining backwards compatibility hacks
Backwards compatibility
New Features
Code versus documentation *
Should the core team focus on improving documentation at the expense of releasing new features?
More code, I'll read the source
I need better documentation
Using Catalyst *
What things would help you become a better Catalyst developer?
Catalyst maturity *
Catalyst has been around for a while!
Old and Busted
Tried and True / Reliable
Barriers to becoming a Contributor? *
Choose all the things that stop you from contributing to Catalyst or the greater Catalyst ecosystem (plugins, applications, etc.)
Community Building *
The core Catalyst team would like to encourage more interaction with the greater community. Mark all the items that would encourage you to participate more
My Platform(s) *
Please check all the technologies you currently work with/care about. Answers to this question will help us better understand where to spend the bulk of our testing time
How well do you understand the Catalyst roadmap? *
Do you have a good idea where the core development team is seeking to take Catalyst in the future?
Not at all
Very much so
Additional Comments
Anything you want to tell us!
Your answer
Set the Catalyst Town Hall Theme!
Thanks for getting to the end of the poll. Please submit your theme for the upcoming Catalyst Development Town Hall meeting, taking place on IRC soon!
Your answer
Your IRC nick or Email address (if you don't hang on on IRC) *
We need to know your IRC nickname / email address so that we can let you ask questions during the upcoming Catalyst Town Hall meeting
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