Music Student Practice Research
All of the questions about amount of practice time spent assume quality over quantity. Please select the answers that you most closely agree with, as there is a wide range of possible answers. The ages and levels listed does leave out students over the age of twelve and advanced students to keep the survey brief.
How much daily practice would recommend a beginning student under the age of seven? *
How much would you recommend for a beginning student ages 8-12? *
How much practice time for an intermediate student under the age of seven to practice? *
Finally how much an intermediate student ages 8-12? *
Please select the current number of private music students you teach on a weekly basis. *
How satisfied are you with the amount of time your students currently practice?
Not satisfied at all
Completely satisfied
Do you currently give awards to students for reaching certain practice goals? *
Do you currently use any apps to help organize their practice or to motivate them. *
If yes, which ones?
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If no, please select why.
How long does a student usually study with you for? *
Please let us know of any additional thoughts you might have.
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