DCAN & Get Schooled Detroit College Challenge Sign up Form
Get Schooled is a FREE Digital College & Career Support platform for students. Students get access to great resources to support with the college application process, SAT prep, career readiness and more. Get Schooled now offers just as many great resources for educators to utilize to support students through the college going process.

DCAN & Get Schooled are teaming up again for the 2020-2021 school year! This year we will running the Detroit College Challenge again, but with a few differences. There will be prizes and incentives for both students and educators, resources and bundles, and mini monthly challenges. Moving forward, badges to complete and grant money are unfortunately being removed.

Educators who sign up will get access to educator resource bundles, facilitator incentives, chances to win monthly prizes and more. Please take a moment to fill out the survey below to express interest in participating. Resource bundles will be sent to you following survey completion to opt in.
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Are you interested in signing up for the DCAN and Get Schooled Detroit College Challenge? *
Signing up for the DCAN and Get Schooled Detroit College Challenge means you are committing to the shared goals of Get Schooled and DCAN when it comes to using resources to support students with successfully transitioning to post secondary education. Goals will be listed in following questions.
Will you encourage students to create a Get Schooled account? *
Students can access Get Schooled Detroit at https://getschooled.com/journey/detroit/ . Students need to sign up by creating an account and being sure they update their profile with their name, high school, and graduation year. Creating an account with high school information is the only way students can be eligible for DCAN monthly incentives.
Will you encourage students to submit essays to Get Schooled for free editing and revision support? *
Get Schooled participation requires 30% of seniors to submit a college essay for review. Essays can be for senior English classes, college application essays, or scholarship essays. Get Schooled will help students brainstorm, review essays, and provide feedback for FREE. Essays can be submitted here once an account is created https://getschooled.com/college-review/
Will you encourage students to sign up for the Get Schooled text line? *
Students will receive updates and resources directly to their phone if they sign up for the text line. They can also send in questions about any aspect of the college going process to receive direct support from a Get Schooled representative. Students can text DETROIT to 33-55-77 to access.
Will you commit to trying to increase FAFSA completion rate by 5%? *
Get Schooled and DCAN have a number of great resources to support schools, students and families with increasing FAFSA completion. Get Schooled aims to get participating schools to increase by 5%. FAFSA support resources will be shared with you should you choose to participate.
Which Educator Bundles would you like to receive? *
There are 9 different educator bundles loaded with resources to support educators and students. Please select the bundles you would like to receive. You can select as many as you like!
Additional Questions and/or Concerns?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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