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Perhaps you’re not sure what you’ll do this summer, much less the rest of your life. Perhaps you are willing to try missions, teaching or coaching children, recreational ministry, or just want to use your sport to share the Gospel. Maybe you would just like to spend 10-weeks getting a feel for full-time ministry.

What can happen in 10 weeks? In this short amount of time, you could leave a legacy of Jesus Christ in the inner city, youth organizations, and churches in many states. After a week of intensive training, you will be ready to reach across all economic and social boundaries by using your athletic gifts as a common ground to share who Jesus Christ is to you.

Over twenty-years of ministry, Sports Crusaders has reached over thousands people across the globe. Pioneering sports and recreational ministry through their founder, Bobby Shows, we proudly claim the Gospel with 1/8 students professing Christ as their Savior. It’s your time to continue this legacy of Jesus Christ for the next generation. Come join the Sports Crusaders Family! Your journey begins by providing your email address below.

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Sports Crusaders Summer Staff Application
OUR MISSION: Sports Crusaders is a Christ-centered organization that connects people with Jesus Christ and the local church by using sports and recreational activities through life changing, common ground ministry.

Foundational Ministry Verse:

Whatever a person is like, we try to find common ground so that he will let us tell him about Jesus Christ.
-- 1 Corinthians 9:22

• To provide quality athletic programs for kids from every background, status, and gender.
• To build authentic relationships so that we can genuinely and intentionally share the love of Christ with them.
• To connect people to the local church so they can grow in their relationship with the Lord.
• To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in any opportunity the Lord provides us.

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