SJ Soccer Leagues - Level 2 Class
WHAT: At the request of our membership, this course was designed to help coaches learn how to "coach" and to design and run a practice. It will discuss player development, practice design, basic attacking and defending principles, and coaching techniques. Register here to take the new Level 2 course offered by the SJ Leagues for coaches and assistant coaches participating in the SJSL and/or SJGSL travel leagues.

COST: The cost to attend the Level 2 course is $30, payable by check made out to "SJSL" (regardless if you are coaching in SJSL or SJGSL), and due at the time of the assigned classroom session. Cash cannot be accepted, and payment is nonrefundable.

CAP: Because of the nature of the training, class sizes are capped at 20 coaches per field session. Additional classes may be scheduled depending on demand.

WHO: This course is intended as a followup to the Level 1 course, but it is open to any applicant that currently hold the SJ Soccer League Level 1 certificate or the NJ State certificate (formerly the F license), the State E license, or the USSF National F or higher license. Applicants holding the Grassroots licenses are encouraged to take the SJ Soccer Leagues Level 1 course prior to taking the Level 2 course.

PARTICIPATION: ALL applicants will be required to participate in the coach demo session where you will be afforded an opportunity to observe other coaches demonstrating drills/activities. ALL coaches will be assigned a topic for which you will design and run a 5-7 minute drill/activity with players and receive constructive feedback.

REQUIREMENTS: All applicants must have properly uploaded a copy of their coaching certificate/license through the appropriate league website. Note: This course does not satisfy the NJ Little League law for limited immunity. Applicants must have already taken a course that satisfies that requirement to coach in the SJSL and SJGSL travel leagues.

IMPORTANT: There is both a classroom AND a field session component to this course. You must complete BOTH components to receive your Level 2 Coaching Certificate. You must attend a classroom session PRIOR to attending a field session! There are no session waivers.

Applicants must be at least 16 years of age to attend the course. Applicants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at the field session.

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(If you hold a Grassroots license, it is recommended that you take the Level 1 course before taking the Level 2 course)
SJ Coaching Education Training Sessions
Please select one of the classroom sessions AND one of the field sessions to attend to obtain your Level 2 Coaching Certificate to coach in the SJSL and/or SJGSL leagues. You must attend a classroom session PRIOR to attending a field session.
1. Classroom Session (3 hrs)
A copy of the powerpoint presentation will be available on both league websites.
Available Classroom Sessions (select one): *
2. Field Session (6 hrs)
For the field session, applicants are encouraged to wear comfortable playing attire, soccer cleats or appropriate footwear, shin guards, and bring a size 5 soccer ball, snacks and plenty to drink. Player drills and field exercises will be covered and coaches are encouraged to participate. Coaches ARE required to participate in the coach demo portion of the instruction.

Class size for the field session will be capped at 20 coaches per class, and first come, first served.

You must attend a class session PRIOR to attending a field session.

Available Field Sessions (select one): *
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