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Burwood One Rotary Saturday Market

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Please email copies of the following documents to burwoodonemarket@gmail.com prior to market date. Otherwise you may not be eligible to trade at the stall.
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions of Stall Occuptation:
1. Permanent stall and Casual stall: $45.00. A stall is car park spaces.
2. Stall fees are payable in advance.
3. Sites must be occupied, and all goods unloaded before 8.30 am and cleared after 3.00pm. There must be no evidence of stall holder activity after 5.00pm. Goods are to be unloaded and cars parked on the ground levels staff car park before stalls are set up.
4. No car movements are permitted within the stall area between 9:00am and 2:00pm.
5. No unloading or other market activity is to commence before 7:00am.
6. Noise of unloading is to be always minimized.
7. All rubbish, boxes and litter must be removed before leaving.
8. Stall holders providing food for immediate consumption must provide rubbish receptacles for litter and accept responsibility for collecting litter dropped by their customers throughout the market area.
9. Goods not to be sold: Alcohol, Drugs or drug apparatus, Animals, Birds or livestock, Weapons, Firearms, Ammunition, Fireworks or Explosives, Cigarettes or Tobacco, Aerosol Spray Paint, used electrical goods.
10. Food must be labelled to comply with the regulations of the City of Whitehorse and sellers must hold a Streattrader license.
11. Food prepared at the market for immediate consumption must be stored and handled as required by the City of Whitehorse and the person preparing the food must hold a Food Handling Certificate and a Street Trader license.
12. Stall holders are to park their cars in the ground level car parks to allow customers to park near the market. No cars are to be left in the stall area and the Burwood One Shopping Centre parking rules apply to the whole market area.
13. Power can only be used for lighting or as approved by the Market Coordinator. Power may only be connected using an approved surge plug.
14. All stall holders must provide their names, contact and the goods they would be selling at the time of booking.
15. Sharp knives must be displayed to the public in a locked box and may not be sold to a minor.
16. Smoking is not permitted in the whole Market area.
17. LPG cylinders will be “Swap and Go” that comply with AS 2030.1-2009 and stall holders using will complete a gas safety inspection and provide a copy to market staff before commencing business. Stall holders using heating equipment are to provide a fire extinguisher and fire blanket suitable for their application.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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