In an effort to stay beyond organized, and ensure everyone has an ideal experience at the Gay Games in Paris, we've compiled the following sections/questions. Please have a thoughtful read through, fill out clearly and candidly, and use the comments section for anything we've missed. Last but not least, get excited! This is going to be the experience of a lifetime!
All are required.
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The following questions pertain to travel and lodging. All are required.
Do you plan on going to Paris? *
Have you booked your departing flight? If so please use this format to give us the details: ex. UA000 / LGA 5:00p / PDG 11:00a. If not please just write "no". *
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Have you booked your returning flight? If so please use this format to give us the details: ex. UA000 / LGA 5:00p / PDG 11:00a. If not please just write "no".
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Which of the following housing options are you interested in? *
Are you willing to be an Airbnb or other group housing leader? This would include booking, managing the booking, and organizing with the Board on details leading up to the tournament. *
The following questions relate to playing in Paris.
Which soccer experience are you interested in at the Gay Games? *
Which best describes you as a player, both in skill and experience? *
Which best describes a team you want to be on? *
Which position are you interested in playing, be it 11v11 or 7v7? *
Are you interested in Captaining or Co-Captaining? *
What shirt size are you? *
What shorts size are you? *
This section is about fundraising for Paris. All questions are completely optional, so if you prefer not to answer something feel free to skip. The more information we have about our club members, the better idea we'll have on how to help create fundraising opportunities for you and to make the Paris trip the most cost effective for all those who want to come.
Where are you employed? (If not applicable, put NA)
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Would you be interested in reaching out to your company to solicit donations?
Does your company match donations?
If available, would you be interested in volunteering/working events and socials, in exchange for financial assistance?
We could use a few extra hands to join the planning committee for Paris. This is beyond the volunteering/fundraising. We're looking for creative thinkers, planners and idea driven folks to help elevate our approach and execution.
Please use the space below for additional questions, concerns, or ideas on how we can make this experience even better. Thank you!
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