KMDF-GFCF Research on Local Giving
Kabale Municipality has a rich giving culture that draws its strength from traditional practices such as ‘giving for organizing parties, giving in churches, giving for funerals and or rotational giving groups.
Although people in Kabale Municipality have a culture of giving, formal philanthropy is still a relatively new concept, with mostly external actors taking up this space. However, little is understood of why people give beyond the perceived need of the receiver.

Kabale Municipality Development Foundation (KMDF) in collaboration with partners seeks to better understand the motivation for individual giving as a contributing factor to local philanthropy which can spur positive change. KMDF has spent the last four years supporting civil society to create meaningful, sustainable change in their communities. While KMDF has focused on building organizational capacity and policy engagement skills of these civil society organizations, a concerning trend was noticed –the absence of local resources in changing local communities. This survey is the first step towards finding ways through which local giving can contribute to positive change in communities by understanding the motivations for giving. Please take a moment to
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