Media Startup Fellowship 2019 - Application Batch #6
You want to be part of the Media Startup Fellowship Batch #6, that's awesome! Please fill out the application with as much information as possible in as few words as possible.

Please read our FAQ before you apply. With your application you commit to:
- Participating full time (at least the founders) in our Fellowship
- Using our office space in Munich full time from September 2019 to June 2020
- Not being part of any other acceleration or incubation program while being Fellow of Media Lab Bayern

The application deadline is June 15th 2019!

ACHTUNG: You can fill out the form in English - oder gern auch auf Deutsch!

In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to shoot a message to!

Email address *
Project/Startup Title *
Elevator Pitch *
Max. 300 character description of your project.
Status of the Project *
When did you start your project *
Please put down both - when you started working on it & date of incorporation if applicable.
Where are you and your team located *
Please put down COUNTRY and CITY of your projects residency
Website of the Project *
If there's no website yet, please put in a link where we can see mockups/concepts.
Who is your target group? *
Please note: "everyone who is interested in news" is not a target group. Actually, "everyone" is never a vaild answer to any of these questions. 😊
What proof do you have that your users need your product? *
How do you want to build your user base? *
How many users/testers do you already have? *
What do they say about your prototype/product?
Who are your competitors? *
Please note: "There are no competitors" is no valid answer. Every idea has at least one close competitor.
How is your idea new for the digital media industry? *
What is your USP? What do you do that is really innovative?
How do you want to make money with your product? *
Have you already taken part in an incubation or acceleration program of any kind with this project? *
Did you already receive funding for this project? *
Please specify and list everything from incubator, business angel to VC investment, prize money or public funds (e.g. Exist). It's NOT a criterion for exclusion, we just need to know for our administration.
Are you already incorporated? *
If yes, who holds shares (don't forget accelerators)? Again: Not a criterion for exclusion.
Pitch Deck *
Please upload a current pitch deck of your project/startup. 10 GB max, PDF only.
Your Project's Logo *
Please use a square format (jpg or png, 400 x 400 Pixel Minimum) - if you do not have a logo yet, just choose any picture that represents your projects.
LinkedIN (of the Project)
Instagram Handle (of the Project)
Twitter-Handle (of the Project)
Facebook Page (of the Project)
(the following information concerns only the founders or share holders of your team)
How many Founders does your team have *
Names & Positions & LinkedIn-Links of Founder-Team Members *
Please list LinkedIn-Profiles for all team members, they serve as a CV.
To which gender identity do the founders in your team members most identify? *
Please put down numbers per gender identity (e.g. 2 female, 1 male, 1 non-conforming, 1 gender variant)
How divers is your team? *
How and why did you as a team start your project? *
Tell us a bit about your team. How did you meet? Since when do you work on this project? Are you seeking more team members or are you fully functional for this project?
What is your vision for the project? *
No need to overthink this, just give us a few keywords where you see your project in two years from now.
What are milestones you want to achieve during our 9-months-program? *
Why do you want to join the Media Startup Fellowship of Media Lab Bayern? *
Why is NOW the perfect time for you to take part in Media Startup Fellowship? *
How did you hear about the Media Startup Fellowship? *
Please help us and be specific. If social, which platform group or page? If in person, who? If elsewhere, how? Thanks! <3
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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