Multilingual Production Fund for the films of "SOSEI" "SOSEI II"
We are widely requesting funds to produce the French version of "SOSEI: Revival" and the French and German versions of "SOSEI II: Revival II".
We appreciate your help.

【 ”SOSEI” Official Website】
【 ”SOSEI II” Official Website】

【Message from the film director】
Hello.  I'm Tetsu Shiratori.
In April and May, when going outside was difficult due to the novel coronavirus, we digitally released all seven films that had been released in theaters, giving access to not only those in Japan but all over the world.
We received an incredibly large response, and I thought, "We must share our message with the world." I could feel how important this duty was.

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【Goal Amount】3,000,000 Yen
【Donation Period】from Wednesday, July 1, 2020, through Saturday, October 31st, 2020
【Donation Amount】Optional

【Funding%】     105%      23.10.2020(Updated as needed)

【Invitation to the WEB screening of the completed film】
All donors will be invited to the WEB screening via Vimeo, where you can watch the two films not only in French and German but in all other languages.

48-hour Viewing Time(All films will begin streaming simultaneously)
As soon as the schedule is decided, we will contact you by email.

"SOSEI II": German subtitles, French subtitles, English subtitles, and Japanese
"SOSEI": German subtitles, French subtitles, English dubbed, English subtitles, Spanish subtitles, Russian subtitles, Thai subtitles, Chinese subtitles, and Japanese.

【Donation Procedure】
1.Apply via This Form
2.Automatic Reply【Multilingual Production Fund for the films of "SOSEI" "SOSEI II"】(
3.Payment Submission within 5 days(Credit Card Payment through
4.Thank You for Your Donation【Multilingual Production Fund for the films of "SOSEI" "SOSEI II"(Thank you for your donation!)】
5.Notification of the Advance Screening Schedule
【Multilingual Production Fund for the films of "SOSEI" "SOSEI II"(WEB Screening Schedule)】(
6.Day Before the Pre-release Screening
Email Notification for Vimeo Viewing URL and Password
【Multilingual Production Fund for the films of "SOSEI" "SOSEI II"(Viewing URL)】(

【Payment Method】
Please complete the form, log in to PayPal from the URL below, and complete the donation payment procedure.

【Donation Submission URL】

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