Sacred Witness NC: A Call of Action for a Fully Inclusive United Methodist Church
As clergy and laity of the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church we acknowledge the hurt the church has caused through the actions of the General Conference, which attempted to close the doors on our denomination’s acceptance of same-sex marriage and LGBTQIA+ clergy. We are deeply sorry for this and humbly ask forgiveness. While this vote will not be the last word, we recognize the pain it has caused our friends.

The vote of the General Conference does not represent what we believe about God or the Church. We publicly reject the Traditional Plan and its policies of closed doors and closed hearts. Each of our lives, and each of our churches, have been deeply blessed by the lives and ministries of our LGBTQIA+ friends and we cannot imagine doing life without them. They are our friends, our colleagues, and our children, and we are committed to forming a movement of sacred witness to any policy of exclusion. We pledge that we will work to reverse this policy in order to create a new way forward for a United Methodist Church that is truly inclusive to the LGBTQIA+ community without stipulation or reservation. We believe the LGBTQIA+ community is a gift to our churches, and we pledge to continue to allow them to participate in leadership and service as full and celebrated members of the church. No vote can stop us from the way of love.

As United Methodists, our baptismal covenant calls us to resist evil, injustice, and oppression, and so we must. We renounce the oppressive injustice of the Traditional Plan and confess the way our silence has done harm. We are calling all United Methodists including clergy, laity, district superintendents, and Bishops, to resist any and all implementation of the Traditional Plan and work together to create a plan of inclusion as an act of sacred witness to Jesus’ call to love. We cannot turn our back on those God has brought into our lives.

We, the undersigned, are making a pledge to this action of sacred witness in order to right the wrong of the Traditional Plan and commit ourselves to building a future of flourishing and full inclusion for all people. We ask our leaders, Bishop Ward and the NCCUMC Cabinet, to stand with us and publicly pledge their support to this sacred witness and call to action.


On Thursday March 28th we will gather at 7pm for a public action at the Conference Offices to deliver this petition to Bishop Ward and ask her to publicly join this call to action (she will be there to receive these signatures). We hope to have at least 500 people there with news media present. Can you commit to attend this action? Please indicate below and mark your calendar. We will follow up with reminders and further details.

Please “like” our Facebook page to follow as we move forward and spread this news to your friends, your church, and your community.

Together, we can make a difference.

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Signatures (1517 and growing)
1 Rev. Jason Butler Open Table UMC, Raleigh
2 Rev. Molly Shivers University UMC
3 Rev. Tuck Taylor West Nash
4 Rev. Chris Agoranos Calvary & Resurrection UMC, Durham
5 Corey Vevera Apex United Methodist Church
6 Gair McCullough Duke Memorial UMC, Durham
7 Rev. Dcn. Joyce Beal Horn First-Cary
8 Rev. Anita Noble Taylor Parkwood UMC, Durham, NC
9 Rev. Dr. Laura Crosskey Duke Memorial, Durham
10 Linda B Murphy Calvary UMC Durham NC
11 Rev. Andrew Phillips I am on loan to the Michigan Conference and serve the Hopkins
Charge in Hopkins, MI.
12 Rev. Dr. Jerusha Matsen Neal Asbury UMC, Durham
13 Heidi T Walters Open Table UMC Raleigh
14 Rev. Wesley Neal I Am Project@Asbury UMC
15 Keith F Duclos
16 Rev. Brian W. Wingo Raeford UMC
17 Elizabeth Hatcher St. Mark’s UMC, Raleigh
18 Susan Burnette Open Table UMC, Raleigh
19 Rev. Dr. Carolyn Pilgrim Maggie Valley UMC, Maggie Valley
20 Claire Cox-Woodlief Saint Francis UMC, Cary
21 Rev. Clay Parker Edgerton Memorial UMC, Selma NC
22 Rev. Shane Benjamin New Creation, Durham NC
23 Zoey Kernodle, MTS Duke Memorial UMC, Durham
24 Janelle Hutchinson Emmaus Way, Durham (formerly The Wesley Foundation at Florida
State University)
25 Brian Heymans Duke Memorial UMC Durham
26 Charlene Alford Open Table, Raleigh, NC
27 Melissa K Auten NRUMC Raleigh
28 George Kernodle, MTS Duke Memorial UMC, Durham
29 Thomas Crichlow Duke Memorial UMC, Durham
30 Rev. Michael Conner Union Grove, Bahama; Lake Michie Charge, Bahama
31 George F. Morgan Carrboro United Methodist Church
32 Abigail Calvary UMC Durham
33 Laura Dallas Peak UMC, Apex
34 Dr. Mellinda "Mel" Hansen-Holloway Saxapahaw umc
35 Rev. Jeff Babajtis Raleigh
36 Matthew W. Murphy Saint Francis UMC, Cary
37 Elizabeth Andrews University UMC Chapel Hill
38 Eddie McDaniel Raleigh
39 Jeannette Borne Open Table, Raleigh NC
40 Rev. Laura Fine Ledford All Saints' UMC Morrisville
41 Greg Wallace North Raleigh
42 Julia Darby Head North Raleigh UMC
43 April R Travis Resurrection UMC/Calvary UMC
44 Larry Clubine Calvary UMC, Durham
45 Rev. Linda Grider La Grange & Institute UMc's La Grange, NC
46 Owen Graham ONeill Open Table UMC, Raleigh NC
47 Peggy Preston Hickle Open Table UMC
48 Depris Price Open Table UMC Raleigh, NC
49 Rev. Jessie Larkins Duke Memorial UMC
50 The Rev. Dr. Jennifer Copeland North Carolina Council of Churches, Raleigh
51 Rev. Heather Rodrigues Duke Memorial UMC, Durham
52 Rev. Joy Van Staalduinen Hayes Barton UMC, Raleigh
53 Karen Viviano Seaside United Methodist Church, Sunset Beach, NC
54 Tiffany Brown North Raleigh UMC
55 Rev. George W. Loveland Winstead UMC, Wilson, NC
56 Eliza Williams NRUMC
57 Rev. Susan Clayton Lindblade Open Table UMC, Raleigh
58 Vicki Crenshaw Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh
59 Rev Steve Hickle Open Table, Raleigh
60 Rev. R. Julian Irvine Millbrook UMC, Raleigh
61 Leslie Collier Open Table United Methodist Church
62 Frank Holland, Jr Raleigh
63 Rev. Jan Thornton-Irvine Millbrook UMC
64 Rev. David L. Harvin Orange UMC, Chapel Hill
65 Julie Melson Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
66 Janet Minchew University United Methodist, Chapel Hill
67 Kristen Bagby Duke Memorial United Methodist Church, Durham
68 Laura Riss Resurrection UMC Durham
69 Pastor Rhys Brock-Loftis New Hope/Purley, Caswell Co.
70 Anna Clark Benson memorial umc raleigh
71 Beverly Harn Terry University United Methodist, Chapel Hill, NC
72 Michelle Riley Fairmont United Methodist Church, Raleigh
73 Rev. Nanette de Andrade Calvary UMC, Charge Conference
74 Julia H Miller North Raleigh UMC, Raleigh
75 Mr Michael Miller North Raleigh UMC, Raleigh
76 Lici Burns Fuquay-Varina UMC, Fuquay-Varina
77 Jill E Brown North Raleigh UMC
78 Jason Taylor Parkwood UMC, Durham
79 Rev. Keith Sexton Christ UMC, High Point
80 Zona C. Norwood Carrboro United Methodist
81 Jerry Hosking University United Methodist Church
82 Khris S Ford St Francis UMC, Cary, NC
83 Jill Brown North RaleighUMC
84 Joni Amerson Benson Memorial UMC
85 Danielle Adams Duke Memorial United Methodist Church
86 Kyle MacDonald All Saints’ UMC, Morrisville, NC
87 Emma Tippett Open Table UMC, Raleigh
88 Randy Stephenson Open Table UMC, Raleigh
89 Jennifer Lanier North Raleigh UMC, Raleigh
90 Mary Ellen Anderson Fairmont United, Raleigh
91 Rev. David W. Girod FUMC Elon
92 Rondell Holloway Saxapahaw United Methodist Church
93 Mark Miller Duke Memorial
94 Margaret F Cohen University United Methodist, Chapel Hill, NC
95 Linda Kellogg North Raleigh UMC
96 Sarah Brock St Marks UMC Raleigh, NC
97 Samantha Lisk Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh
98 Rev. C Greg Moore NFC
99 Rev. Liz Roberts Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
100 Tess Guerra Mebane UMC
101 Rev. Bill Adams 5th Ave UMC and Devon Park UMC
102 Sarah Lewis Oxford UMC, Oxford
103 Rev. Para Drake Durham, NC
104 Karen McWilliams NRUMC RALEIGH NC
105 Jennifer Haselden North Raleigh UMC
106 Earleen Burch Carrboro United Methodist Church
107 Kenneth A Branch Open Table UMC, Fairmont UMC
108 Mary Yungeberg University UMC, Chapel Hill, NC
109 Mike Yungeberg University UMC, Chapel Hill, NC
110 Rev. Susan Eldon Saxapahaw UMC, Saxapahaw
111 Corin Muller-Yoder Saint Francis UMC, Cary
112 Julie Howells Open Table UMC, Raleigh
113 Andrea Green Saxapahaw UMC
114 The Rev. Susan Clayton Lindblade Open Table UMC, Raleigh, NC
115 Rev Laura Wittman Saint Paul UMC Rocky Mount NC
116 Vicky Earp Highland UMC Raleigh
117 Karen Hamilton HBUMC
118 Rev. Joy MacVane University UMC, Chapel Hill, NC (Charge Conference membership)
Attending Clinton Avenue UMC, Kingston, NY
119 Leslie Schreiner Pleasant Grove, Raleigh
120 John Suddath Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
121 Henry Jarrett Fairmont United Methodist Church
122 Mary Taylor St. Marks, Raleigh
123 Anna P. BURGWYN Woodland UMC
124 Kathleen Craddock Leftwich Central UMC, Asheville, NC
125 Rev Marti Hatch, NCC, LPC-A
126 Mary Jo Stone UUMCHURCH
127 Randy Shepard Fairmont, Raleigh, NC
128 Phyllis Branch Lassiter United Methodist Church, Rich Square, NC 27869
129 David Shivers University
130 Paula Trantham Holland’s UMC
131 Sally Merryman University UMC, Chapel Hill
132 Kasey E Thornton
133 Rev. Shawn Blackwelder St. Paul's - Carolina Beach
134 Becky Ackert St. James UMC
135 Daniel Ackert St. James UMC
136 Susan Parris DelGrande Swansboro UMC
137 Nanette Lavery Windborne UMC
138 Alice Anderson University, Chapel Hill
139 Connie Orander White Plains UMC, Cary
140 Patty Gravinese North Raleigh UMC
141 Mitzi Safrit Edenton street Methodist
142 Rev. Brent Levy The Local Church: A Community of Christ UMC, Pittsboro
143 Eric A. Lindblade First UMC, Gettysburg, PA
144 Neah Jo Farr Wrightsville United Methodist
145 David Palmer Apex UMC
146 Rev Dede Pickle Black Creek United Methodist Church, Black Creek, NC
147 Karen Martin Lee’s Chapel UMC, Greensboro, NC
148 Rev. James G. Mentzer United Methodist Foundation of New England (extension ministry)
149 Rev. Randolph Lee Barnes Apex UMC
150 Arlie Honeycutt Open Table, Raleigh
151 Rev. Kellie Gallagher First UMC Elon, Elon
152 Karen Vanderlinden Orange United Methodist Church, Chapel Hill
153 Janet Redinger Hampstead United Methodists Church
154 Nicole Taylor Open Table United Methodist, Raleigh
155 Michael Curinga Hampstead
156 Hannah Boaz Hampstead United Methodist, Hampstead
157 Allison Ponsock Hampstead UMC
158 Jessie Stewart Fremont
159 Chelsea Brown Pleasant Grove UMC, Raleigh
160 Eileen Curinga Hampstead United Methodist
161 Rev. Tyler Muller-Yoder Saint Francis UMC, Cary
162 Barbara Christy Saxapahaw
163 Karen Palmer Hayes Barton UMC, Raleigh
164 Pastor Donnie L. Evans Jones Amity
165 Laurie Rose Soapstone UMC
166 Patricia Owen Haw Branch UMC
167 Sara Tiegreen Christ United Methodist (The Local Church)
168 Elise Cagle St. Marks, Raleigh
169 Rev. Dr. Kirk B. Oldham Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
170 Caroline McClure Wesley Memorial UMC, Wilmington
171 Dr. Jessie R Oldham Fairmont United Methodist, Raleigh
172 Sandra Bell Seaside UMC, Sunset Beach NC
173 Rev. Ben Adams 1st on Chatham
174 Ambet S. Kirby Chapel Hill
175 Rev. Gerald Castle NCCUMC Retired Elder
176 David Johnson Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
177 Katie Dickey University united Methodist Church, chapel hill, NC
178 Nicholas Dykema Hampstead United Methodist
179 Rev. Melinda Ivey Kipling UMC
180 Rev. Kathie Wilkinson Mt. Sylvan UMC, Durham
181 Rev. Sung Moy Andrews Chapel UMC, Durham
182 Teresa Nuttall Ebenezer UMC, Apex, NC
183 Rev. Bill H. Gattis University UMC, Chapel Hill
184 James Aaron Saxapahaw United Methodist Church
185 Rev. Mitzi Johnson FUMC-Waynesville, NC
186 Jean Hagen-Johnson Open a Table, Raleigh
187 Melanie McDonald Open Table
188 Steve McDonald Open Table
189 Tanisha Wilder Open Table Raleigh
190 Jonette Futch Oranges United Methodist, Chapel Hill
191 Lance Rogers Mt. Sylvan, Durham
192 Lindsey Spain, Esq. Mt. Sylvan UMC, Durham
193 Gerald ( Jerry ) Smals Hampstead
194 Jessica Britt Hampstead UMC
195 Lorri Givens My Sylvan UMC Durham, NC
196 John Ringo Open Table UMC
197 Rev Kristen D Williams Apex UMC
198 James Vanderburg St. Francis UMC
199 Gloria Coe HBUMC Raleigh NC
200 Stephanie Campbell Saxapahaw UMC, Saxapahaw
201 Jamie Cook Clover Garden, Chapel Hill, NC
202 Andrew Smith The EDGE UMC, Sneads Ferry
203 George Burnette Trinity United Methodist Church, Raleigh
204 Mary Igo Mt Sylvan
205 Amanda Heskin Hampstead UMC
206 Chad Miller Open Table, Raleigh
207 Rev. Kori Robins Orange United Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, NC
208 Heather Williams West Nash United Methodist Church
209 Brittany Nicole Boyer West Nash, Wilson NC
210 Ann Y. Barnes HayesBarton UMC, Raleigh
211 John Michael Wilson Winstead UMC, Wilson, NC
212 Patricia Harrison Taylor West Nash United Methodist Church in Wilson, NC
213 George N. Lee Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh
214 Elizabeth Tester Mt Sylvan UMC Durham
215 Marion Edward Hudson, Jr Rosemary UMC, Roanoke Rapids
216 Sarah Yagnow Orange United Methodist, Chapel Hill
217 Cynthia N Parks Burlington
218 Reverend Cleve May CityWell UMC, Durham, NC
219 Sara Vogt West Nash United Methodists Church Wilson NC
220 Thomas Givens Mt Sylvan UMC, Durham, NC
221 Allana Harper Minnick Pleasant Grove UMC, Raleigh
222 Maureen E. Oakes Epworth UMC, Durham
223 Sarah Capel Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh
224 Dr Jennifer McGlone University UMC, Chapel Hill
225 Natalie McFarlane Pleasant Grove UMC
226 Cindy Wiedel Pleasant Grove UMC, Raleigh
227 Carolyn Harriss Mt Sylvan UMC Durham nc
228 Ryan Mould Open Table, Raleigh
229 Charlotte Hoover West Nash United Methodist
230 Meri Leslie Snyder Eaves Mebane United Methodist Church
231 Cory Ryan Whaley West Nash UMC, Wilson
232 Sarah Lancaster Soapstone UMC Raleigh
233 Rev. Suzanne Dornsmith Forest Hill UMC, Concord, NC
234 Diane Wahlen Andrews Chapel UMC, Durham N.C.
235 Karen Kasan Pleasant Grove UMC
236 Lynn Lane Woodland, NC
237 Leigh Ann Hamrick Mt. Sylvan UMC Durham, NC
238 Meredith Bradford Trinity UMC, Jacksonville
239 Rev. Grace G. Hackney Hebron UMC
240 Kathy Fagan Open Table UMC
241 Emily Newman Hayes Barton umc Raleigh
242 Jane Albright Pleasant Grove UMC, Raleigh
243 Cynthia Midyett Hardy Pleasant Grove UMC
244 Micah Minnick Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church
245 Beth Murgitroyd All Saints' UMC, Morrisville
246 Rev. Bill Sharpe Front Street UMC
247 Andrew Murgitroyd All Saints' UMC
248 Karla Diener St Francis UMC, Cary
249 Barbara Sharpe Front Street UMC
250 Dr. Ruth Steidinger Cary Presbyterian
251 James Womble Fairmont UMC Raleigh,nc
252 William Pierce West Nash, Wilson
253 Geri Cox Resurrection UMC
254 Joan Bethmann Pleasant Grove UMC
255 Leslie Parkins All Saints' UMC
256 Rev. Dr. Anne Walker Sims Trinity, Jacksonville
257 Cydne W. Sharpe First United Methodist, Henderson NC
258 Kelly Walton SFUMC, Cary
259 Christina Howell Saint Francis UMC, Cary
260 Baxter Wilson Saint Francis UMC, Cary
261 Susan Lovett Open Table, Raleigh NC
262 Gregory K. Griggs First United Methodist Church Henderson
263 Jennifer Oshnock Saint Francis UMC, Cary
264 Tracy W. Prendergast Saxapahaw
265 Holly McNeill St. Luke's, Hickory
266 Karen Mann Open Table UMC, Raleigh
267 Lee & Susan Byrd Open Table UMC, Raleigh,NC
268 Milo Robert Popowitch Wilson
269 Judith Brown Knightdale UMC
270 Rev. Clarinda Crawford Flat Rock UMC
271 Dustin Mailman North Decatur UMC, Decatur
272 Bryan Keith Open Table, Raleigh
273 Wendi Price North Raleigh UMC, Raleigh
274 Rev. Dave Allen Duke Wesley, Durham
275 Jay Butler CityWell, Durham
276 Jane Williams University United Methodist
277 Heather Williams Reaves Wesley Memorial UMC, Wilmington
278 DeAnna Bousman St James UMC, Newport
279 Katherine Hall Parker St. James UMC, Newport, NC
280 Jane Jernigan West Nash UMC. Wilson, NC
281 Nancy C Baldree Black Creek United Methodists Church
282 Rev. Justin Coleman University UMC, Chapel Hill
283 Ed Welborn Christ United Methodist Greensboro
284 Ashley Peele Open Table UMC Raleigh, NC
285 Rev. Jeanne Neal FUMC Graham, NC
286 Austin Balser Wesley Memorial, Wilmington
287 William Braswell Wrightsville UMC
288 Karalyn Replogle Colopy Duke Memorial UMC, Durham
289 Judy Schlegel Aldersgate, Durham, NC
290 Charles Guenzi Seaside UM, Sunset Beach, NC
291 Barbara Guenzi Seaside UM, Sunset Beach, NC
292 John M Cates Hayes Barton UMC, Raleigh, NC
293 Margaret Moore Amity UMC, Chapel Hill
294 Susan and Tom Hackney First United Methodist, Wilson, NC
295 Rev. William J. Hodder Duke Memorial, Durham, NC
296 Laura D. Pritchett West Nash United Methodist Church
297 Forrest Shivers University UMC, Chapel Hill
298 Chris Hardee West Nash, Wilson
299 Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Hayes (retired) Saint Francis UMC, Cary, NC
300 Rev. Joan Purcell St. Francis UMC
301 Ann I Ballard Main Street Kernersville
302 Melissa Harrison Pilmoor United Methodist, Currituck NC
303 Rev. Christi Dye Swepsonville UMC
304 Julie Tyson currently i attend (outside) duke memorial umc, durham- member
at amity in chapel hill.
305 Susan Gilpin Calvary UMC Durham
306 Terry Corle West Nash, Wilson
307 Rev. Kelly P. Carpenter Green Street UMC Winston Salem
308 Anthony Nicholson Duke Memorial United Methodist Church
309 John Auten North Raleigh
310 Jay Davis Duke Memorial UMC
311 Larry Poelma Assurance, Huntersville
312 Al Elsenrath Swepsonville UMC
313 Jerrell H. Pritchett West Nash United Methodist Church
314 Edna Earle Raper West Nash United Methodist Church
315 Jennifer Anthony Assurance UMC, Huntersville, NC
316 John Cudd White Plains, Cary
317 Amy Holland Assurance United Methodist Church
318 Carolin Luckett West Nash U. M. C.
319 H. Luckett West Nash United Methodist
320 Kari Mccollough West Nash UMC
321 Chamberlyn Marks Wake Forest UMC, Wake Forest
322 Jocelyn Hardee West Nash UMC
323 Erik van Ooijen Pleasant Grove, Raleigh
324 Diane Grace Zoller Saint Francis United Methodist Church
325 Rev. Laurie Hays Coffman Few Chapel,Croasdaile Village, Durham
326 Maria Popowitch West Nash United Methodist Church
327 Loralie Bible Duke Memorial UMC
328 Kay Riddick Ocracoke
329 Hollis Bruton Open Table UMC
330 Rev. Sarah Fletcher Highland UMC, Raleigh
331 Breann Balser Soapstone UMC
332 Lisa Amariz Open Table UMC
333 Rev. Dr. Trip Lowery Providence UMC, Mt. Juliet, TN (ExtMin)
334 Kirsten M. Ioos North Raleigh United Methodist Church, Raleigh
335 Lindsey Ioos North Raleigh United Methodist Church, Raleigh
336 Marena Groll Epworth UMC, Durham
337 Rev. Annette Ethridge Open Table UMC
338 Stephanie Armstrong NRUMC
339 Professor Nicholas M Didow University UMC, Chapel Hill
340 Debbie Johnson Fairmont
341 Rhonda Ransopher-Balser Soapstone UMC
342 Susanne D. Priddy Trinity Durham
343 George First UMC Athens, GA
344 Julia Myers Soapstone UMC, Raleigh
345 JUDITH E. DECK First UMC, Elkin NC
346 Rev. Christina Turner Wrightsville UMC, Wrightsville Beach, NC
347 Sharon M Thomas
348 David Bass North Raleigh UMC
349 Millard Hampton Coe HBUMC Raleigh
350 Peter Norwood Swepsonville
351 Brook White Resurrection UMC, Durham
352 Emma White Calvary UMC, Durham
353 John Bullock Green Street, Winston-Salem, NC
354 Scott Kendrick McFarlane Pleasant Grove UMC, Raleigh
355 E Denise Brown St Mark’s UMC, Raleigh
356 Stephanie Garrett Helena UMC, Timberlake
357 Tamara Ladich Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
358 Sarah Schroeder Soapstone , Raleigh
359 Marla Myers North Raleigh UMC
360 Diane S. Hucke NRUMC Raleigh NC 27615
361 Beverly Christian Duke Memorial UMC, Durham
362 Logan Rains Open Tabel UMC, Raleigh, NC
363 Cindy Kuhlman Athens First UMC Athens GA
364 Alyssa Brinkley Open Table, Raleigh
365 Jennifer Gedeon NRUMC, Raleigh
366 Nancy Anne Brown Rich Square UMC
367 Holly D’Addurno NRUMC, Raleigh
368 Mary Bunker Mt. Vernon Place United Methodist Church Baltimore MD
369 Lucinda Sullivan Pleasant grove united Methodist, Raleigh nc
370 Cliff layman N. Raleigh UMC
371 Rev. Cathy Hoyle St. Mark's, Raleigh
372 Kenna Berg Fairlmont UMC, Raleigh
373 Linda Seymour Calvary Memorial UMC, snow Hill,
374 Robin A Deacle Open Table United Methodist, Raleigh
375 Alexis Wright Duke Memorial United Methodist, Durham/ Jamestown United
Methodist, Jamestown
376 Jason Morley Pleasant Grove UMC, Raleigh NC
377 Emily Bruce Saint Francis UMC, Cary
378 Don Gedeon North Raleigh UMC
379 Doreen Stover Aldersgate UMC, Durham
380 Meredith Willis Duke Memorial United Methodist Church
381 Pat Breeden
382 Gay Manning West Nash UMC, Wilson
383 Janice Lautier Millbrook United Methodist, Raleigh
384 Jason Lanier North Raleigh United Methodist Church, Raleigh, NC
385 Lara Anne Morgan Open Table, Raleigh
386 Ken W Pennington II North Raleigh UMC
387 Mary W. B. Moore Open Table Methodist Church, Raleigh
388 Ashley Swing Open Table UMC
389 Dr Chester T. O'Bannon Coronado Community United Methodist Church, New Smyrna
Beach, Florida
390 Susan Lawhead Open Table, Raleigh
391 Kathey Miller-Patton Trinity UMC, Louisburg
392 Rev. Alex Parker Daniels Memorial UMC, Goldsboro NC
393 Rev Brenda C Walton Calvary UMC
394 Anne Harrison Apex UMC, Apex
395 Toby White Apex UMC Apex, NC
396 Kathy Ammon Apex UMC & Peak UMC Apex NC
397 Joette Winberry Apex UMC
398 Christina Grimes Apex UMC
399 Robert Cagna West Nash, Wilson NC
400 Lee Riddick Apex UMC, Apex NC
401 Pamela Keenan Apex UMC
402 Patricia Hays Evans Apex United Methodist Church Apex, NC
403 Letitia Metheny Apex UMC, Apex
404 Valerie Sutton AUMC, Apex, NC
405 Sandra G Webb Apex UMC, Apex
406 Melissa Ferger Daniel Holly Springs UMC, Holly Springs
407 Brian Fahs Apex UMC, apex NC
408 Jason Hernandez Pleasant Grove UMC, Raleigh
409 Trish McCarthy Stutts North Raleigh UMC
410 Andrew T Kriske Open Table UMC, Raleigh.
411 Marissa Rose Magee Bellard Apex United Methodist Church
412 Sylvia Burnette Open Table UMC, Raleigh
413 Claiborn Burnette Open Table UMC, Raleigh
414 Rev. Rani Woodrow Carrboro UMC, Carrboro, NC
415 Hannah Eskridge 519, Morrisville
416 Rev. Renée Burnette Salem UMC, Hurdle Mills
417 Rev. David Stark Morton Memorial UMC, Monteagle, TN
418 Sandra Benton Duke Memorial, Durham NC
419 Kathy Bryant Apex UMC, Apex, NC
420 Jimmy Eskridge 519 Church
421 Teresa W Bryant Daniels United Methodist Church, Goldsboro, NC
422 Margaret Pearce Apex UMC, Apex
423 Janice Mancinelli Sapp DMUMC Durham
424 Audrey Diener Saint Francis UMC, Cary, NC
425 Janet Stuber Highland UMC
426 Joette Winberry Apex UMC
427 Charles Stuber Highland United Methodist Church
428 Rev. Clyde Denny Zebulon UMC
429 Rev. Kathy N. Dunton St. Peter’s UMC & Hargrove Chapel UMC
430 Brady Scott Tillerson Apex UMC, Apex
431 Maribeth Ross First United Methodist graham nc
432 Kirby Lewis
433 Louise O'Quinn St. Mark's United Methodist Church, Raleigh, NC
434 Silvio D'Ignazio Apex UMC, Apex
435 Rev. Amanda Fleishman Wilson Epworth UMC, Durham
436 Sarah O'Keefe Duke Memorial UMC, Durham
437 Kelly Smith Lewis Apex UMC, Apex NC
438 Jana Ann Wells Lea’s Chapel, Roxboro
439 Rev. Monica Beacham Cedar Grove UMC, Cedar Grove
440 Sarah Peele Open Table, Raleigh
441 Jane B Williams Englewood UMC, Rocky Mount, NC
442 Lori Fahs Apex UMC, Apex
443 Sade Gilbert Open Table UMC
444 Casey Starkweather Lebanon UMC, High Point
445 Patty Brown Apex UMC, Apex, NC
446 Angela Murphy St. Francis UMC, Cary, NC
447 Eva Boyce Apex United Methodist Church
448 Natasha Bress Open Table, Raleigh
449 Stephen C Magee Apex UMC
450 Nalda Brown Epworth UMC
451 Chanell McCain UMC Open Table, Raleigh, NC
452 Paul Wilson Oxford
453 Melissa Balleydier Apex United Methodist Church, Apex, NC
454 Laura Wise Millbrook UMC, Raleigh
455 Lisa Littleton Holly Springs UMC
456 Jordan Holoman Union Grove United Methodist Church, Hillsborough
457 Gary Davis Ocracoke, NC
458 Carrie West 519 Church, Morrisville
459 Kellie J Sims Epworth UMC, Durham
460 Barbara P. Mayton Open Table UMC
461 Sarah Coats Calvary Memorial United Methodist Church, Snow Hill
462 Sally Vose Union Grove UMC, Hillsborough
463 David C Hood Highland UMC, Raleigh, NC
464 kathy giff Clemmons UMC
465 Kaitlyn Brown University United Methodist, Chapel Hill
466 Zach deMoya CityWell, Durham
467 Kella Hatcher Open Table UMC, Raleigh
468 Sheila E Rouse Apex United Methodist Church
469 Angie Martin Highland UMC
470 Sheila E Rouse
471 Betsy Helms Cashiers, NC
472 Kevin Quick Highland UMC, Raleigh
473 Linda Davison North Raleigh UMC, Raleigh
474 Laura Kiper Apex Methodist
475 Edgar Raymond Wood III Highland Raleigh nc
476 Becky Champion Wood Highland UMC, Raleigh, NC
477 Dr. Gregory E. Bottomley Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
478 Graham Alston West Soapstone UMC, Raleigh
479 Sandra J. Carringer Peak UMC, Apex, NC
480 Katherine S Pretzer Hayes Barton United Methodist Church Raleigh
481 Dr. Laura Jones Bottomley Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
482 Marla Turlington Edenton Street UMC
483 Denise Clark First UMC, Morehead City NC
484 Josh Abraham New Sharon UMC
485 Michael Corsi-OConnor Bethany, Durham
486 Wilda Whitley Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh
487 Elaine Osteen Truckner Bethany UMC, Durham
488 Stephanie Jones Edenton Street United Methodist Chirch, Raleigh
489 Ann Turlington Edenton street united Methodist chirch
490 James Morgan Truckner Bethany UMC Durham
491 Theresa McReynolds Shebalin Epworth UMC, Durham
492 Dr. Melanie Walker Church on Morgan, ESUMC, Raleigh
493 Pamela Driggers Hood Highland UMC, Raleigh
494 Larry Reeves Epworth United Methodist Church
495 Geraleese Gilbert Open Table
496 Annie East Lovell’s Chapel Pilot Mtn
497 Bethany Coats Church on Morgan, Raleigh
498 Paul Adams Walker Church on Morgan, Raleigh
499 Chris Kiper Apex UMC. Apex, NC
500 Tammy Freeman Millbrook Raleigh
501 Julie Owens Robinson First UMC Elizabeth City
502 Jennifer Robinson FUMC, Elizabeth City
503 Dr. Suzanne Botts Edenton Street United Methodist Church Raleigh, NC
504 Rev. Ashley Easter Just moved to a new city, previously at Edenton Street UMC
505 Gay Lytton ESUMC Raleigh
506 Shelley F Bullard Wesley Memorial United Methodist, Wilmington, NC
507 Johnny bullard Wesley United Methodist, Wilmington, NC
508 Lynn W Knape Wesley Memorial UMC Wilmington
509 John Bryan Bullard Wesley UMC Wilmington
510 Grayson Rodgers Durham
511 Kelly Taylor Raleigh
512 Amanda Rigby The Peak Church, Apex, NC
513 Jackie Evrard Oxford UMC, Oxford, NC
514 Mark Evrard Oxford United Methodist Church, Oxford, NC
515 Phil Farrell Open Table Raleigh
516 Sandra Edens Apex UMC, Apex NC
517 William S Britt St Paul’s UMC, Carolina Beach NC
518 Laura M Jones Benson Memorial, Raleigh
519 Winsome O'Neill Open Table UMC, Raleigh, NC
520 Bruce Elder Church on Morgan
521 Vicki F Cilley
522 Erika Lusk University United Methodist Church
523 Lealie Watts Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC
524 Sophia Goudes Myers Park United Methodist Church, Charlotte
525 Megan Watts Edenton Street UMC
526 Rev. Doug Lain Wrightsville, Wrightsville UMC
527 Emily Lain Wrightsville, Wrightsville Beach
528 Wendy Smith Chapel Hill - Christ UMC
529 Susan Brosnan Pleasant Grove UMC, Raleigh
530 Dawn Morgan St. Mark's UMC, Raleigh
531 Gayle Tabor St Paul's UMC Carolina Beach
532 Lawrence G Zoller Saint Francis UMC
533 Rush Beam Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh
534 Annie Barrow Duke Memorial UMC, Durham
535 Susan Baldwin Stevens Hayes Barton UMC, Raleigh
536 Eric Stevens Hayes Barton UMC, Raleigh, NC
537 John B Thomas Hayes Barton, Raleigh
538 Hope Squires Southeast Raleigh Table, Raleigh
539 Jim Lancaster Duke Memorial United Methodist Church, Durham
540 Rev. Charles Lancaster, Sr. Duke Memorial United Methodist Church, Durham
541 Mary Robinette Roswell United Methodist, Roswell GA
542 Steve Swayne Church on Morgan
543 Pamela Dannelly Edenton St UMC
544 Rev. Justin Morgan Church on Morgan, Raleigh
545 Rev. Ashley Griffith Edenton Street United Methodist, Raleigh
546 Jimmy Rogers Hayes Barton United Methodist Church
547 Marshall McClure All Saints' UMC, Morrisville
548 Lauren Syer All Saints UMC Morrisville, NC
549 Corrie All Saints UMC, Morrisville
550 Mike Keziah St. John's UMC, Rock Hill, SC
551 Kari Coulson All Saints UMC, Morrisville NC
552 Katie Byers-Dent Duke Memorial United Methodist
553 Bethany St. Johns in RH, SC
554 Alice Keziah St. John's United Methodist Church, Rock Hill, SC
555 Charlotte Todd Edenton Street UMC
556 Rev. Julia Webb-Bowden Bethany UMC Durham NC
557 Pamela Sen White Plains, Cary
558 Gary Corsi-OConnor Bethany UMC, Durham
559 Rev. Jim Littleton Holly Springs UMC
560 Trish Johnson ST John's UMC Rock Hill SC
561 Patricia T. Pemberton Jonesboro UMC
562 Arlene P Pope Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh NC
563 Stephen Yunt All Saints’ UMC
564 Julia McKeown Fairmont United Methodist Church
565 Rev. Jami Britt Noble Corinth UMC, Four Oaks, NC
566 Amos Brown Pleasant Grove UMC Raleigh NC
567 Dorothy McAvoy
568 Debra M. Holoman Edenton St UMC, Raleigh NC
569 Mary Harvin McDonald Saint Luke UMC - Laurinburg NC
570 steve benkin Open Table, Raleigh, NC
571 Sam Isley Edenton St. UMC, Raleigh, NC
572 Martha Tyson Edenton Street, Raleigh
573 Brenda Millar Edenton Street United Methodist
574 Penny Thompson UUMC
575 Jennifer Bryant I do not. I’m Presbyterian. I want to support the UMC. There are a
lot of good people here!
576 Karen Edwards All Saints’ UMC, Morrisville NC
577 Joanne Brigham Garber UMC New Bern, NC
578 Dotty Bryn Open Table Methodist
579 Christina Sendall All Saints United Methodist, Durham NC
580 Ms. Sandra Jennekens Pleasant Grove UMC
581 Cathy Thompson Jarvis Memorial UMC, Greenville
582 Paula McKee St. James United Methodist Church
583 Misty R. Helsabeck North Raleigh UMC, Raleigh
584 Don L. Jenkins Oxford UMC
585 David Rockefeller Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh
586 Rev. Ben Sims Trinity, Jacksonville
587 Michael Parisher Raleigh Wesley Foundation
588 Katie Martin Raleigh Wesley, Raleigh
589 Chris Burtner Hillsborough UMC
590 Marsha Green Pine Forest
591 Meghan Ingram Raleigh Wesley, Raleigh
592 Emma Howle Raleigh Wesley Foundation
593 Linda Strickland Hay Street UMC, Fayetteville NC
594 Sharon Rhue All Saints UMC
595 Christina Mara Peak UMC
596 Robert Bryn OpenTable, Raleigh
597 Rev. Tim Caudle Vass UMC
598 Savannah Bryson St. James UMC, Newport
599 Bill Thames Church on Morgan Raleigh, NC
600 Phillip H Jefferson Avent Ferry UMC
601 R. Stuart Bondurant FUMC Belmont, Belmont NC
602 Ronald D. Doub Hardison UMC. Mocksville, NC
603 Jo Anne A Sanford Open Table
604 Katarina Smith Pinehurst UMC, Pinehurst
605 Sally Kohls St Mark’s
606 Chris Stonehouse Apex UMC
607 Sue Muller 519 (Apex Family of Faith), Apex
608 Emily Motley Apex United Methodist church
609 Pamela Phillips Apex UMC
610 Laura Ware Garner UMC, Garner
611 Suzanne Landis
612 Jillian Keefe Open Table Methodist, Raleigh NC
613 Nicola Withers Asbury UMC, Lincolnton
614 Dickey Adams ESUMC, Raleigh
615 Shelby Madren Raleigh Wesley Foundation
616 Robin Hamilton-Brooks ESUMC, Raleigh
617 Michael Brooks Edenton Street UMC
618 Christopher B. Calloway Carrboro UMC, Carrboro
619 Kathy D Shear St. Francis UMC, Cary, NC
620 Elizabeth Thompson CityWell
621 Miriam Cho CityWell United Methodist Church
622 David S Swanson CityWell UMC Durham NC
623 Howard Cha Young Kim CityWell
624 Kathleen Perry Citywell UMC, Durham
625 Alexandra Scott CityWell United Methodist Church Durham, NC
626 Ashley Strahm CityWell, Durham
627 Jennifer Huff Warren's Grove UMC, Roxboro
628 Alexa Wood CityWell, Durham
629 Janel Burns CityWell UMC, Durham
630 Tyler Nelson CityWell, Durham, NC
631 Tirzah Villegas CityWell UMC, Durham
632 Miles Reck CityWell - Durham
633 RosemaryFootePrior City Well United Methodist Church
634 Milton Gilder City Well UMC, Durham
635 Maureen Sawchak FUMC Cary
636 Blair Marini Citywell UM
637 Catherine N Dobbins CityWell, Durham
638 Paul Scheidt CityWell, Durham
639 Adam Green Citywell UMC
640 Lydia Cauley Aldersgate UMC-Durham
641 Teri Gainey Armstrong First UMC Cary
642 Debbie Fletcher City Well UMC, Durham
643 Dr. Elizabeth Van Voorhees CityWell, Durham
644 Alaina Kleinbeck CityWell, Durham
645 Becca Lautier Millbrook UMC
646 Benjamin F Laptad CityWell
647 Samuel Park CityWell, Durham
648 Kamaria Fyffe CityWell, Durham
649 Thao Nguyen CityWell, Durham
650 Derek G Skeen Citywell United Methodist, Durham
651 K.W. Bowen Aldersgate Durham
652 John Thomas High III West Nash United Methodist Church, Wilson, NC
653 Prof. Douglas Campbell CityWell UMC (Durham)
654 Adam Ledbetter-Bock Asbury, Durham & Duke Divinity School
655 Laurie Humphrey Citywell
656 Emily Dobberstein CityWell, Durham, NC
657 Peter Constantian CityWell UMC, Durham
658 Larry Diener Saint Francis UMC, Cary, NC
659 Johelen Courliss CityWell, Durham, NC
660 Rev Jeff Nash First UMC Fuquay Varina
661 Alma Tinoco Ruiz CityWell, Durham
662 Isabella CityWell, Durham
663 Jeanette Cooper Saint Francis UMC, Cary
664 Kendra l. Mcbride North Raleigh UMC. Raleigh NC
665 Jeanne Patterson Aldersgate, Shelby
666 Lisa Pearce CityWell UMC, Durham
667 Richelle Kellermann City Well United Methodist Church, Durham
668 Rev Jonathan Coppedge-Henley Connecting Road Charlotte
669 Diane L. Foster Hollands UMC, Raleigh NC 27603
670 Jane Solomon St Stephen, Charlotte
671 Beth Giles Alexander University United Methodist Church
672 Elaine Herndon Epworth UMC, Durham
673 Judy Cox ESUMC
674 Susan Marie Shovlin St Paul's UMC, Carolina Beach, NC
675 Ann McCann Epworth United Methodist, Durham, NC
676 Vanessa Hines CityWell UMC, Durham
677 David Claris Bethany, Durham
678 Tina Wilcox Epworth UMC, Durham
679 Anne Riggins Rogers Hayes Barton United Methodist Church, Raleigh
680 Doug Rowe First Lexington
681 Pamela Davison Open Table UMC
682 Barbara Riggins Hayes Barton UMC Raleigh,NC
683 Mary Coppedge Thompson Pinehurst UMC, Pinehurst, NC
684 Sharon Goldman MUMC
685 Leslie Bevacqua Coman Edenton Street UMC
686 Nelda Knight Coats Oriental United Methodist Church
688 Vicki Meigs-Kahlenberg Saint Francis UMC, Cary, NC
689 JIM Riggins Hayes Barton
690 Rev. Carolyn Schuldt Trinity UMC, Durham, NC
691 Elizabeth Norris Edenton St.
692 Janet Dignazio Apex UMC
693 Rev. Carl King Duke Chapel, Durham, NC
694 Fred Read Washington FUMC. NC
695 Andrea Posey The Peak , Apex
696 Matthew Posey The Peak
697 Halle Kahlenberg Saint Francis United Methodist Church
698 James Amy Saint Francis UMC, Cary
699 Yvonne Lucas Star UMC, Star, NC
700 Erin Carraway St. Luke’s Windermere FL
701 Kathryn Bridges Armstrong First United Methodist, Cary NC
702 Daniel Ng CityWell
703 Leah Wiebe-Smith North Raleigh UMC
704 Jean E. Aycock, M.D. Edenton St. UMC, Raleigh, NC
705 William H Matteson
706 Laura Kimmey Epworth UMC, Durham
707 Kathleen Hodges Centenary , New bern, nc
708 Donald Hodges Centenary , New Bern, NC
709 Donna J Hill Pleasant Grove UMC
710 Patricia Crissman ESUMC, Raleigh
711 Wanda Rains Centenary UMC , New Bern, NC
712 Lisa Flint-Morris Wake Forest UMC
713 Claire Alexander Friendship UMC, Conover
714 Terrell Scott Oriental UMW
715 Kimberly Stephenson AUMC, Apex, NC
716 Dr. Carolyn Cobb SE Raleigh Table, Edenton St UMC
717 Barbara Bixby Putman First UMC, Franklin, NC
718 David Smoot Southeast Raleigh Table of ESUMC
719 Betty L. (Quinlan) McGraw Scotia United Methodist Church Scotia, NY raised there and
720 Beth Smoot Edenton Street UMC - SERT campus
721 Greg Buhrman FVUMC
722 Tiffany Wagner FVUMC
723 Scott Hanson PGUMC
724 Phil Norwood Swepsonville, Swepsonville
725 Sue Ann Pentecost Holly Springs
726 Sue Stutz Epworth UMC, Durham, NC
727 Rev. Dr. Carolyn Roy Plank Chapel United Methodist Church
728 Susan Graebe Soapstone UMC, Raleigh NC
729 Lide C Anderson Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh, NC
730 Rev. Dr. Frank Stith First UMC Waynesville
731 Luci avery none
732 Kathy Woods Skyland UMC, Asheville, NC
733 Matthew Stone All Saints' UMC, Raleigh, NC
734 Terry Whitley Curro All Saints' UMC
735 Ann Holmes Edgerton Memorial UMC
736 John M McCann Epworth, Durham
737 Ellen Schneider FUMC-Cary
738 Chris Dodson Pleasant Grove UMC, Raleigh NC
739 Teresa Jill Gurley Westwood United Methodist, Goldsboro
740 Sondra Edwards High Country United Church of Christ - Boone
741 Charlotte Alwine Maple Springs United Methodist Church, Winston-Salem, NC
742 Briana Easterly Saint Francis
743 Mable B Harrington Clemmons UMC. Clemmons NC
744 Gail E. Jones St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Carolina Beach, NC
745 Margaret T Thomas Peak United Methodist Apex
746 Michael D. Crane All Saints’ United Methodist Church
747 Rose Kellum Richlands UMC
748 Thad Ogburn Edenton St. United Methodist Church
749 Kurt Kilgore Southeast Raleigh Table, Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh, NC
750 Mary Elizabeth Taylor Gyurki-Kiss Epworth United Methodist Church
751 Mrs.Dian Banker Pleasant Grove UMethodist Church, Raleigh NC
752 Quinn Holmquist CityWell UMC, Durham
753 Toni Cates All Saints, Morrisville
754 Rev. Rich Greenway Union Grove UMC-Hillsborough
755 Augusta Ceneskie North Raleigh UMC, Raleigh
756 Satah Jane Willis Edenstreet Methodist Raleigh
757 Meredith Ellen Hemphill Wakefield UMC, Raleigh
758 Betsy Fidalgo Epworth.UMC Durham, NC
759 Bill Geist First UMC Cary
760 Becky Ogburn Edenton Street United Methodist Church, Raleigh
761 Diane Wilder Open Table United Methodist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina
762 Jennifer Zack Open Table UMC, Raleigh
763 Leslie Kellenberger Oriental UMC
764 Marsha Smith Open Table UMC, Raleigh
765 Katharine Braak Open Table United Methodist
766 Deborah Weaver Oriental UMC
767 James Chromy Fairmont
768 Dawn Dillon Edenton Street, Raleigh
770 Sandra N/A
771 Denee Oakley HBUM Raleigh NC
772 Tricia Wilson Southeast Raleigh Table of ESUMC
773 Mark Schneider First UMC Cary
774 David A Hardy Pleasant Grove UMC
775 Sarah Potts Southeast Raleigh Table - Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh
776 Colin M Potts Southeast Raleigh Table - Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh
777 LGBTQIA+ clergy Open Table UMC, Raleigh, N.C.
778 Julie Roberts Open Table
779 Marilyn Dixon Fairmont UMC Raleigh
780 Bonnie Rardin Merritts Chapel UMC chapel Hill NC
781 Chadd W McGlone
782 Sarah Hardman Giachino Wrightsville Beach Methodist Church
783 Charlotte McGlone Chapel Hill
784 helen mcglone university united methodist church
785 Kristin Selby Wrightsville UMC
786 Katie Schaefer Edenton Street United Methodist Church - SERT
787 Rev. Dr. Donna Thompson Avent Ferry UMC
788 susie mallard barnes Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
789 Pamela Blizzard SERT, Raleigh
790 Alice Jones New Creation UMC, Durham, NC
791 Jermaine McGill New creation
792 Chantal Mcgill New Creation
793 Temple Walkowiak St. James UMC, Raleigh
794 Jennifer Crichlow Duke Memorial, Durham
795 Rev. Dr. Ed Drew College Park Baptist Greensboro
796 Teresa Fountain Wesleyan Chapel UMC, Wilmington
797 Rev. Terry Williams Englewood United Methodist Church
798 Susan Ross Calvary/Resurrection Durham
799 Leigh Wilfley University United Methodist Church, Chapel Hill
800 Joe Brantley Avent Ferry United Methodist Church
801 Ed Garrett First UMC Fuquay Varina
802 Rev. Amanda McCullough Wrightsville UMC, Wilmington, NC
803 Denise Harris Broad Street UMC, Statesville
804 Pamela Bowden Fairmont United Methodist
805 Marjorie D Dufek Oriental UMC, Oriental NC
806 Gretchen Ahmad Edenton Street UMC Raleigh
807 Rev Diane Amidon Edenton St UMC
808 Ken Dulaney Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
809 Lukas Ray White Plains UMC, Cary
810 Adam Vester Open Table UMC
811 Cameron P. Graham, MPH Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh
812 Sharon Stephenson Oriental UMC, Oriental, NC
813 Jill D Ray White Plains UMC
814 Rev. Judith Stephens First UMC, Cary
815 Brenda Summers Edenton Street ESUMC
816 Laura J Leary Saint Francis UMC, Cary
817 Caroline Schmelzer The Peak UMC, Apex
818 Richard A Proseus West Nash UMC, Wilson, NC
819 Ms. Fran Lynch New Creation UMC, Durham
820 Linda S. Proseus West Nash UMC Wilson
821 Lydia A. Kiefer City Well UMC
822 Julie Thompson Budd Front Street Methodist, Burlington NC
823 Laura M Stealey White Plains UMC
824 Dee Gaudet-Burke Black Creek UMC
825 Philip C Triplett Edenton Street, Raleigh
826 Anna Brock Winstead UMC
827 Susie Baker Black Creek United Methodist Church
828 Christina Norvell Wrightsville UMC
829 Vicki Lawrence First UMC, Franklin
830 Kathleen A. Whittington Holly Springs UMC, Holly Springs
831 Elizabeth Harrison Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh
832 Tamsie Starkweather Lebanon UMC, High Point
833 Vaughn Paddock Southeast Raleigh Table of ESUMC, Raleigh
834 Caleb Parker Duke Memorial, Durham
835 Karen Brown Holly Springs UMC, Holly Springs
836 Paul Crissman Edenton Street United Methodist
837 Toni Garrett Helena UMC, Timberlake
838 Rick Whittington Holly Springs UMC, Holly Springs
839 Angela Stephenson Open Table UMC
840 Louisa Morton Ringo Swansboro UMC Swansboro nc
841 Maggie Landreth Wrightsville UMC, Wrightsville Beach
842 Caroline C Merrill Hillsborough UMC, Hillsborough
843 Martha Caves Warren’s Grove UMC, Roxboro, NC
844 JoAnn Barbour Front Street, Burlington
845 Jennifer Edwards Edenton St UMC
846 Pete Almasy St Marks UMC, Raleigh
847 Rev. Claire Clyburn Raleigh
848 Catherine Seay-Butler 519 Church
849 David Hatcher Open Table, Raleigh
850 Andrea Chapman Open Table UMC
851 Nan Coulter, Laity Christ UMC, Gastonia, NC
852 Jean Partin Fairmont UMC, Raleigh, N. C.
853 Rachael Hopewell Open Table, Raleigh
854 Hannah Gray Haymount UMC, Fayetteville
855 Ken Barnes Hayes Barton UMC,Raleigh
856 PeggyLynn Caudle Vass UMC, Vass, NC
857 Kara Acree Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh
858 William B. Frye Vass United Methodist Church
859 Shelley Rhudy Duke Memorial
860 Eleanor Richardson Vass United Methodist, Vass
861 Jennifer Shingleton Duke Memorial UMC, Durham
862 Margaret A Hall Duke Memorial UMC
863 Janet H Taylor Louisburg United Methodist Church
864 Diane Paddock Southeast Raleigh Table of Edenton Street United Methodist
Church, Raleigh, NC
865 Frank R. Brown Jr. Duke Memorial UMC, Durham
866 Janelle Bryson St. James UMC *formerly
867 Cathy Overby McCanless Vass United Methodist Church
868 Susan W Chesney Saratoga Springs UMC (NY)
869 Erika Sasser Duke Memorial UMC
870 Rev. Esther Robinson Pasadena Community Church, St. Petersburg Florida
871 Julie Ham Daniels Memorial, Goldsboro
872 Ginger Brick Wrightsville United Methodist Church
873 Carol Wall Fuquay Varina United Methodist Church
874 Greg Kraus Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
875 AnaAustin Braswell Wrightsville UMC, Wrightsville Beach
876 Richard Waggoner Fairmont UMC
877 Rev Ryan Paul Parker All Saints UMC, Durham
878 Keri Parker All Saints UMC, Durham
879 Teresa Warner Christ United Methodist, Chapel Hill, NC
880 Mary Wesley Edwards First United Methodist Church Wilson
881 Rev. Christina Parrish Wesley Memorial UMC, Raleigh
882 Jess Anastes Avent Ferry UMC, Raleigh
883 Bethany Reeves lay staff, Garner
884 Richard H. Loeppert, Jr. Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
885 Rev. Velda S. Bell UMC moving to Calabash, NC in May, 2019
886 Ada Milenkovic Brown Duke Memorial UMC, Durham, NC
887 Marilyn J. Boyce Swansboro UMC
888 Britton Williams Engledwood UMC, Rocky Mount
889 Anita S. Oldham Fairmont UMC
890 Mitzie Pitaccio St. Matthews United Methodist Church , Fayetteville, N.C.
891 Virginia Arnette CHRIST UMC, Fayetteville, Nc
892 Will Shingleton Duke Memorial UMC, Durham
893 Sandra cox Fairmont United
894 Stephanie Burroughs Citywell
895 Brianne devine All Saints UMC
896 Mikayla Williams EUMC
897 Susan E Coore Vass UMC. Vass,NC
898 David L Coore Vass UMC. Vass,NC
899 PJ Spinillo Concord UMC Graham NC
900 Suzy Krutsch Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
901 Rev. Karen Crutchfield Brown Chapel, Cypress Glen Retirement Community
902 Kim Miller Soapstone UMC, Raleigh
903 Lisa Kopycinski Saugerties United Methodist Church
904 Stephanie Downey White Plains UMC, Cary
905 Daniela Osegueda Saint Francis UMC, Cary
906 buddy perry St Mark's UMC, Raleigh, NC
907 Mrs Tanya M. Krieger Haymount UMC, Fayetteville, NC
908 Leigh Ballance Millbrook UMC, Raleigh, NC
909 Patsy Ballance Millbrook UMC, Raleigh, NC
910 Rev. Roger L. Loyd Duke Memorial UMC, Durham
911 Rev. Shay Hall CityWell UMC, Durham
912 Christopher Boswell M. Div. City Well, Durham
913 Jim Garman Duke Memorial United Methodist
914 Martha Nance Peed Open Table United Methodist Church, Raleigh
915 Nancy H. Hemphill St. Francis United Methodist Church, Cary, NC
916 S. Todd Hemphill St. Francis United Methodist Church, Cary NC
917 Julie Scroggs Soapstone UMC Raleigh
918 David Earl Jones Hayes Barton United Methodist Church
919 Max Scroggs Jr Soapstone United Methodist Church
920 Becca MacDonald All Saints’ UMC, Morrisville
921 Dianne Jones Raleigh
922 Kimble Moore Saint Francis UMC
923 Hannah McMillan Southeast Raleigh Table of ESUMC
924 Whitney M Jones Hayes Barton UMC, Raleigh NC
925 Margaret Turlington FUMC, Clinton NC
926 Rachel Meyers Duke Memorial UMC, Durham
927 Kristin Brickman Millbrook UMC, Raleigh
928 Louise Fussell Soapstone UMC
929 Rev. Ellen McCubbin Burgaw UMC, Burgaw
930 Morris Walton Saint Francis UMC
931 Kathi Grady Daly UUMC Chapel Hill
932 Susan Jones Casper Swansboro UMC
933 Laura Smith Soapstone UMC, Raleigh
934 Ashleigh Cannon White Plains UMC, Cary
935 Kathryn Distefano Christ UMC, Chapel Hill NC
936 Elizabeth S. Matteson Epworth UMC, Durham
937 Dina Marie Eagen St. Francis UMC, Cary
938 Sara Loeppert Fairmont
939 Emma Scheldorf Christ Church United Methodist
940 Maura Scroggs Soapstone UMC, Raleigh
941 Gregory Cain Soapstone UMC, Raleigh
942 Julie Hinshaw White Plains, UMC
943 Lucille Coore VUMC Vass NC
944 Victoria Dunn Vass UMC Vass NC
945 Caroline Spence South East Raleigh Table
946 Jerry Hancock DUMC, Davidson NC 28036
947 Julia Batten Wax Swansboro UMC
948 Blonnie Ellen Stroud Garrison Centreville UMC, Relocating to Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh area
949 Dr. Kenyann Stanford Millbrook UMC, Raleigh
950 Rowena Licko Swansboro UMC, Swansboro NC
951 linda Beckett White Plains UMC cary nc
952 Becky Graebe Soapstone UMC, Raleigh
953 Mary Ellen Townsend Open Table UMC
954 Jerry Crenshaw Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh
955 Gwen Cox Soapstone UMC, Raleigh, NC
956 Mitzi Lynn Draper Open Table UMC
957 Carol McLean Swansboro United Methodist Church
958 Jo kalat First United Methodists Cary
959 John Lusk University UMC, Chapel Hill
960 Lynn Pitman Swansboro United Methodist Church, Swansboro NC
961 Caroline Avery Buie Myers Park UMC
962 Laura Pitman Edenton Street Methodist Church, Raleigh NC
963 Lisa Pitman Boyd Jarvis Memorial United Methodist Church, Greenville NC
964 Susan E. Brooks Benson Memorial, Raleigh
965 Marlyn Miller FUMC Cary
966 Michael Fury Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh
967 Charlie Hatch First United Methodist United Methodist Church, Mount Olive
968 Marcia Sugg FUMC Cary
969 Taylor Richardson Zion UMC, Norlina
970 Sallly Barnes Swansboro United Methodist Church, Swansboro NC
971 Barbara Chandler Swansboro UMC, Swansboro, MC
972 David Bowen Soapstone UMC
973 David Prater Calvary UMC, Durham
974 Mary Friederich Martin St Francis UMC, Cary NC
975 James W. Kalat First United Methodist, Cary, NC
976 Craig Miller Soapstone United Methodists Church
977 Isaac Martin Saint Francis UMC, Cary
978 James S. Williams Jr. Swansboro United Methodist Church
979 Christy c. Williams Swansboro United Methodist Church
980 John McLean Swansboro UMC, Swansboro,NC
981 Jessica Kiragu Edenton St UMC, Raleigh
982 Monique Martel Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh, NC
983 Christi Mallasch, MTS, MPT North Raleigh United Methodist
984 Brian Lee Open Table United Methodist Church, Raleigh
985 Dr. Zoila Airall Epworth United Methodist Church
986 Jeannie Skane Wrightsville, Wrightsville Beach NC
987 Donna Till Benson Memorial UMC
988 Owen Jones Hayes Barton United Methodist Church, Raleigh
989 Diane S. Rees Benson Memorial United Methodist, Raleigh, NC
990 Brenda Summers Edenton Street ESUMC
991 John Rees Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh
992 Stephen Pearsall Oleander UMC Wilmington
993 Sarah Davis Benson Memorial United Methodist, Raleigh
994 Kathy Bradley Duke Memorial UMC, Durham
995 Brenda Summers Edenton Street ESUMC
996 Laura Stillman Edenton Street United Methodist Church
997 Anne Thompson Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh
998 Suzanne Brown Edenton St UMC, Raleigh
999 Rev. Lindsay Ballance Collins Allensville-Trinity Charge, Roxboro
1000 Erin Hecht Pleasant Grove UMC, Raleigh
1001 Billie Carson Benson Memorial UMC
1002 Mary Hen Ripberget FUMC, Cary NC
1003 Deborah Ballance Fremont UMC
1004 Carl T. Ripberger FUMC, Cary NC
1005 Joshua Stone Bethany UMC, Durham NC
1006 Heather Leigh Tessitore Capps North Raleigh United Methodist Church
1007 Justis Mitchell UNC-Chapel Hill Wesley Campus Ministry
1008 Terry Simpson Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh,NC
1009 Kim Sylvester Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh, Nc
1010 Barbara Sydnor Benson Memorial United Methodist Church
1011 Mark Shear St Francis Cary
1012 Jean M. Porter Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
1013 Carolyn Chieffo White Plains United Methodist Cary
1014 Katherine Jordan Church on Morgan, Raleigh
1015 Allen Till Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh NC
1016 Rev. Shana Harrison Extension Ministry in Dallas, TX
1017 Sandra Shepherd Resurrection & Calvary UMC, Durham
1018 Patricia J. Lee Benson Memorial UMC - Raleigh, NC
1019 Lynn Nichols Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh
1020 Cathy Turner Apex United Methodists Church
1021 Rev. Jaye White Haymount UMC Fayetteville
1022 William David Pinsky SUMC Swansboro NC
1023 Charles Hal Silver SUMC Swansboro NC
1024 Christine Harman Horne Memorial UMC, Clayton
1025 Karl Martin St. Francis UMC, Cary, NC
1026 Beth Armbruster Epworth UMC, Durham
1027 Karen Cheek Concord UMC Graham
1028 Lynda H Finnerty Open Table UMC
1029 Kristy Johnson Benson Memorial United Methodist
1030 Debbie Santelli Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh
1031 Col. Tom Finnerty USMC(Ret.) Open Table UMC
1032 Joseph Hughes Wrightsville United Methodist
1033 Patricia Crispell Bethany UMC, Durham, NC
1034 Dr. James Dobbins CityWell UMC, Durham
1035 Gary Crispell Bethany UMC, Durham
1036,1037 John Michael "Mike" & Laura McKinney Jones Benson Memorial UMC
1038 Brad Nicholas White Plains United Methodist Church
1039 Rev. Laura Hayes Mitchell Harbor, Wilmington
1040 Elaine Turner Benson Memorial United Methodist, Raleigh
1041 Fred Turner Benson Memorial United Methodist, Raleigh
1042 Susan Myrick Benson Memorial, Raleigh
1043 Elizabeth Broadwell FUMC Cary
1044 Carol Shearin Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
1045 Marcus Roberson Swansboro United Methodist
1046 Carolyn H. Davis Epworth UMC Durham, NC
1047 Gretchen Shea Soapstone UMC, lay staff
1048 Madison Hewett Hampstead UMC
1049 Diane A. Reeves Epworth UMC, Durham, NC
1050 Chip Shea Soapstone UMC
1051 Judith K Bolt Epworth UMChurch, Durham, NC
1052 Jennifer Riggert Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh
1053 Jeanne W. Jones Church on Morgan/Edenton UMC, Raleigh
1054 Paige Harper First UMC Wilson
1055 Allison Vogt St. Francis UMC
1056 Sylvia Hewitt Soapstone UMC, Raleigh
1057 Joan Johnson Lee’s Chapel United Methodist, Greensboro- not currently active
but still a member
1058 Joni Amerson Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh
1059 Molly C. Watters Edenton Street UMC
1060 John L. Watters, Jr. Edenton St. UMC
1061 Helen H White Edenton St. UMC Raleigh
1062 Catie Burnette Hayes Barton UMC
1063 Jennifer C. Freeman Epworth UMC, Durham
1064 Kevin Groll Epworth UMC Durham, NC
1065 Martha R. Cooper Edenton Street UMC
1066 Paula Roberson Swansboro UMC
1067 Amber L Hitchcock North Raleigh UMC
1068 Corey Arie Summers, MDiv. CityWell, Durham
1069 Sheila Woods University UMC, Chapel Hill
1070 Dr. Jacki Price-Linnartz CityWell UMC, Durham
1071 Sarah Woods Cullowhee United Methodist Church, Cullowhee NC & University
United Methodist Church, Chapel Hill NC
1072 John Balla Pleasant Grove UMC
1073 Hope Ledbetter-Bock 519 Church, Morrisville
1074 David L Gibson Christ UMC, Fayetteville NC
1075 Rhonda Wright Trinity UMC member but attend Christ UMC, Fayetteville
1076 Dr. Traci Sheaffer Hayes Barton United Methodist Church, Raleigh, NC
1077 Steve Hewitt Soapstone UMC, Raleigh
1078 Martin Schreiner Pleasant Grove UMC
1079 Mary C. Knowles Soapstone
1081 Dr. Fred L. Mowry Epworth UMC, Durham, NC
1082 Esther Ng City Well UMC Durham
1083 Rev. Dr. J Denise Honeycutt Merritt’s Chapel umc
1084 Sandra Irby Epworth UMC
1085 Rachel Ransleben RD, LDN City Well
1086 Nell Hurt Mowry Epworth United Methodist Church, Durham, NC
1087 Peyton S Irby Epworth UMC
1088 Sylvia Perry
1089 Joshua Kamrass CityWell UMC
1090 Peter crispell Bethany
1091 William T Winberry, Jr. Apex United Methodist Church
1092 Lauren Harper CityWell, Raleigh
1093 Katherine H Moody SERT, Raleigh,NC
1094 Rev. Sherry Driscoll, retired NYAC Fuquay-Varina-Varina UMC
1095 Rebecca Harris CityWell, Durham, NC
1095 Cody Strahm
1096 Leah Reichardt-Osterkatz CityWell, Durham, NC
1097 Sue Young SUMC
1098 Laurie Stella 519 church
1099 Mary Weathers My. Sylvan UMC
1100 Jennifer Johnson 519
1101 Joanna Davis Reiman Benson UMC, Raleigh
1102 Heather J Woodie 519 Church, Morrisville
1103 Jim Kellenberger Oriental UMC
1104 Bob Kastl 519 Church, (satellite campus of Apex UMC) Morrisville
1105 Bill Geist First UMC Cary
1106 Amy Seeley AUMC family of churches, Apex
1107 John V Erickson 111 Calvary (Resurrection) Durham
1108 Sandy Register Church on Morgan - Edenton St UMC, Raleigh, NC
1109 Charles Dana Chandler Apex United Methodist Church
1110 Sandra Robinson 213 Carriage Trail
1111 Mary Rose Knight Edenton Street UMC-Raleigh
1112 Jennifer Spencer City Well, Durham
1113 Kendall Peeler Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh
1114 Sandra Vaughan 519 Morrisville, NC
1115 Brett Harris City Wel, Durham
1116 Jim Wilcox Epworth UMC Durham
1117 Dorena Kohrs 519
1118 Sharon Foster The Peak, Apex
1119 Carolyn Gill 519, Morrisville
1120 Rev. Wesley F. Brown Epworth UMC, Durham
1121 Dave Armstrong First United Methodist Church, Cary, NC
1122 Anna Martin St. Francis, Apex
1123 Elizabeth Prochazka 519, Morrisville
1124 Angela de Muinck 519
1125 Ky Davis Benson Memorial UMC
1126 John Hecht Pleasant Grove UMC, Raleigh
1127 Angie Hong CityWell
1128 Stephen Smith Epworth UMC, Durham
1129 PATRICIA MOLITOR 519 Morrisville
1130 Timothy John Cuellar All Saints' UMC Morrisville
1131 Megan Thomsen Citywell, UMC
1132 Nicolette A. Weeks New Creation UMC
1133 Barbara Marley FUMC-Cary
1134 Rev. Amanda Bunce Highland UMC, Raleigh
1135 Bill Davis Benson Memorial, Raleigh
1136 Rev. Rhonda Parker Duke Divinity School (appointment)
1137 Catherine Pierce Saint Francis UMC, Cary, NC
1138 Rev. Dr. Alan Swartz Highland UMC, Raleigh
1139 Tim Woody FUMC Cary
1140 Christofer Ellis Benson UMC, Raleigh,NC
1141 Lets Grady Benson Memorial United Methodist Church
1142 Rev. Doug Jessee FUMC Cary
1143 Leta Grady BMUMC Raleigh NC
1144 Dr. John Bradley White Former President, North Carolina Wesleyan College
1145 John F. Shontz Jonesboro UMC, Sanford, NC
1146 David Rockefeller Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh
1147 Ivy Parker Genesis UMC, Cary, NC
1148 Barry Foster The Peak, Apex
1149 Susan Benfield Feuerstein Saint Andrews UMC, Raleigh
1150 Sandra Robinson Benson Memorial UMC Raleigh
1151 Rev. Janet Baucom Highland UMC, Raleigh\
1152 Dawn Woody FUMC Cary
1153 Allison Brown Apex UMC
1154 Melissa Swanson Village Church Rolesville in Rolesville, NC
1155 Rodney Knight St. Francis UMC Cary
1156 Kathleen Cole Knight Saint Francis UMC Cary NC
1157 Megan Whitaker Epworth UMC, Durham
1158 Dawn Woody FUMC Cary
1159 Allison Brown Apex UMC
1160 Melissa Swanson Village Church Rolesville in Rolesville, NC
1161 Rodney Knight St. Francis UMC Cary
1162 Kathleen Cole Knight Saint Francis UMC Cary NC
1163 Megan Whitaker Epworth UMC, Durham
1164 Janet L Davis First United Methodist, Cary NC
1165 Seroba A Murphy Millbrook UMC Raleigh
1166 Rev. Janet Balasko Roseland UMC
1167 Carol Hoal Apex UMC
1168 Mary C McSpadden Epworth UMC, Durham NC
1169 Todd Benware Epworth UMC, Durham
1170 Laura Ross Resurrection UMC, Durham NC
1171 Jayne Willuams First United Mehodist, Waynesville
1172 Allison Carter AUMC
1173 W. Andrew Fletcher Highland UMC, Raleigh
1174 Alan J. Whitaker Epworth UMC, Durham
1175 Janet G. Plummer Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh, NC
1176 C. Brenon Day Benson Memorial UMC, Raleigh
1177 Johanna Blake WFUMC, Wake Forest
1178 David Wilmoth Swansboro United Methodist
1179 Dr. Whitney Richardson Highland UMC, Raleigh
1180 Heather Leonard Southeast Raleigh Table, Raleigh
1181 Jennifer Hopper N. Raleigh UMC
1182 Christin Simpson FUMC Cary
1183 Patricia Hudson Genesis UMC , Cary
1184 Jame E. Stella 519 Church, Morrisville
1185 Audrey Gastmeyer Hayes Barton United Methodist Church, Raleigh
1186 Dr. Richard Scroggsk Swansboro United Methodists Church
1187 John (Jack0 Rosko Apex UMC
1188 Lynn D. Templeton Epworth UMC Durham, NC
1189 Kenna Coley White Plains UMC, Cary
1190 Nancy C Saunders Vass UMC, Vass NC
1191 Beth Hopper Peak UMC, Apex
1192 Melissa Capozio Hampstead UMC, Hampstead
1193 Beth Rosko
1194 Becky Swanson FUMC, Cary NC
1195 Rev. Vann Spivey Saint Andrews, Raleigh
1196 Vaun Moore FUMC, Cary NC
1197 Gabe Spivey St. Andrews UMC Garner
1198 Rev. Joshua Tester Mt Tirzah UMC, Timberlake NC
1199 Robert (Bob) Moore FUMC, Cary NC
1200 Gary Dudley Asbury UMC, Raleigh
1201 Marilee H Ostman Jonesboro UMC
1202 Jeanne Erwin Apex UMC
1203 Chuck Cox Apex UMC
1204 Joseph w. Burton Highland, Raleigh
1205 Brie Tyler Soapstone UMC, Raleigh
1206 James H. Galloway, M.Div., Th.M. Soapstone, Raleigh
1207 Andrea Wilmoth Swansboro United Methodist Church
1208 Jessica Baran-Wagner Open Table UMC, Raleigh, NC
1209 Laura H Garrett Soapstone UMC, Raleigh, NC
1210 Stacy Bryn Open Table UMC , Raleigh
1211 Cindy Boling FUMC-Cary
1212 Sara J. DuChon Pleasant Grove UMC, Raleigh, NC
1213 Michael S Woodward Soapstone UMC
1214 Roberta Lorene Painter Sharon UMC, Holden Beach
1215 Wendy Kriebel Pleasant Grove UMC
1216 Travis Montgomery Epworth UMC, Durham
1217 Wendy Ripberger Cary FUMC
1219 Melanie Cerne Epworth United Methodist, Durham
1220 Michael T Summerlin Raleigh & Kenansville
1221 Susan Grayiel Epworth United Methodist Church, Durham, NC
1222 Mike Stanley CityWell UMC
1223 Rhonda Fullam Soapstone UMC Raleigh, NV
1224 Leanna K. Murphy Epworth UMC, Durham NC
1225 Jimmie Overton, Jr Fairmont UMC, Raleigh
1226 Cindy Stone Soapstone UMC, Raleigh
1227 Linwood I Swain, Jr Hatteras United Methodist
1228 Pamela Hughes 519 Church, Morrisville
1229 Martha Lowramce Hayes Barton UMC. Raleigh NC
1230 Ellen McPhaul Satterwhite Clemmons UMC - Clemmons, NC
1231 Keith Richeson 519 Church, Morrisville
1232 Kristen Richeson 519 Church, Morrisville
1233 Amber Buff Millbrook UMC, Raleigh
1234 Brad Turner Soapstone UMC, Raleigh
1235 Megan Shannonhouse Pleasant Grove UMC, Raleigh
1236 Susan Woods St Francis UMC, Cary NC
1237 Sam Spivey Saint Andrews United Methodists Church
1238 Betty Henderson Edenton Street UMC
1239 Terry Swanson North Raleigh United Methodist Church
1240 Hayes Garrett Soapstone UMC, Raleigh, NC
1241 Emma Woods St Francis UMC, Cary
1242 Julie Greene Village Church Rolesville
1243 Rev. David Brownlee Faith Harbor UMC Surf City
1244 Jaime Adams Saint Francis United Methodist
1245 Ann O Griffin All Saints UMC, Morrisville
1246 Ann MacCormac Soapstone UMC, Raleigh
1247 Phyllis Polhamus Mt. Sylvan UMC, Durham NC
1248 James Polhamus Mt. Sylvan, UMC, Durham, NC
1249 Lynn C Sutton Soapstone United Methodist Church, Raleigh, NC
1250 Sterling Swygert Duke Memorial, Durham, NC
1251 John David Wilson Epworth Durham
1252 Dr. Irene Brownlee Faith Harbor UMC, Surf City, NC
1253 Jim Kimbrough Epworth UMC, Durham, NC
1254 Marcie Briley Swansboro UMC, Swansboro, NC
1255 Sid Briley
1256 Jenette Parker Wrightsville UMC, Wrightsville Beach
1257 James McFarlane Pleasant Grove UMC, Raleigh
1258 Clinton Holt First UMC of Hendersonville NC
1259 Clifford Wade Swain Sr Hatteras United Methodist Church
1260 Billie Utley Swain Hatteras United Methodist Church
1261 David L. Swanson St. Francis UMC Cary, N.C.
1262 Rebecca Galloway Soapstone UMC Raleigh
1263 Lee Swanson FUMC Cary NC
1264 Cynthia L Dixon FUMC Roanoke Rapids NC
1265 Kenny Purcell St. Francis, Cary
1266 Kathy Langfield Highland UMC, Raleigh, NC
1267 Stephanie Hayes Sound District ADS
1268 Rev. Ismael Ruiz-Millan City Well
1269 Erin Worley NRUMC, Raleigh
1270 Lisa Greene Parkwood UMC, Durham
1271 Brad Worley North Raleigh UMC, Raleigh
1272 Susan Jacques Mt. Tirzah UMC, Timberlake
1273 Rev. Hal Bruen Pleasant Grove Raleigh
1274 Kathy Witchey West Nash UMC Wilson
1275 Steve Witchey West Nash UMC Wilson
1276 Kristen Whitaker Epworth UMC, Durham
1277 Donna Wolcott Highland United Methodist Church
1278 Ann-Virginia Gilbert Edenton Street United Methodist Church, Raleigh
1279 Rev. Kelli Walker-Jones Raleigh, NC
1280 Ron Boling FUMC-Cary
1281 Rev. Chris Brady Wilson Temple UMC, Raleigh
1282 Catherine Clodfelter Open Table United Methodist, Raleigh
1283 Martin Hunicutt All Saints UMC, Raleigh, NC
1284 Meredith Menius Efland UMC, Efland, NC
1285 Katherine Kingsbury Epworth, Durham NC
1286 James Guettler Benson Memorial UMC
1287 Ann Ashburn Millbrook
1288 Kathy Klauda Soapstone
1289 Rev. Rich Cooper Holland's UMC
1290 Mark Molitor 519 Church, Morrisville
1291 Ruth Cooper Holland’s UMC
1292 Zachary Ripberger First UMC, Cary
1293 Rev. Kevin Johnson Macedonia UMC, Cary
1294 Anne Swain Hatteras United Methodist Church, Hatteras, NC
1295 Susan Cole Macedonia UMC, Cary NC
1296 Jennifer Terry Peak UMC, Apex
1297 Edward M. Coman Edenton Street UMC
1298 Martha Sharpe Levey Swansboro United Methodist Church, Swansboro
1299 Tom Huffstetler Soapstone UMC, Raleigh
1300 Beth Mullenberg The Peak, Apex NC
1301 Marilyn Shenton Saint Francis UMC
1302 Anna Quinn Pleasant Grove UMC, Raleigh
1303 Doug Warden Edenton St UMC, Raleigh
1304 Ida F. Warden Edenton Street United Methodist Church, Raleigh, NC
1305 Karen Lancaster Soapstone UMC Raleigh,NC
1306 Pattie Jackson Porter Southern Alamance Cooperative Parish, Graham
1307 Deborah N Meyer Epworth UMC, Durham, North Carolina
1308 Heather Told Frazier Saint Francis UMC
1309 Judy Daymont Epworth UMC, Durham
1310 Kristopher M. Mullenberg The Peak UMC, Apex NC
1311 Laurel Rose Epworth
1312 Charles Rose Epworth
1313 Josef Bacik Macedonia UMC
1314 Dr. James Barbour Front Street UMC, Burlington
1315 Lucille Whipple Recently resigned from Hollands UMC Raleigh
1316 Christina Feak Recently resigned from Holland's UMC
1317 Thomas Wolcott Highland UMC, Raleigh NC
1318 Randy T Ledbetter Edenton Street United Methodist
1319 Tanya Andrusic Hayes Barton UMC, Raleigh
1320 Ginger Zurliene UUMC, Chapel Hill
1321 James J Feak Recently resigned from Holland’s UMC, Raleigh
1322 Julia B. Allen Highland UMC, Raleigh
1323 Rev Dr William Bryan Faggart Aldersgate UMC 1818 Grande Oaks Rd, Durham, NC
1324 Sibyl Pedziwiatr Holland's UMC, Raleigh-LEFT AFTER CONFERENCE VOTE
1325 Sandra B Horton St James UMC, Raleigh NC
1326 Lou Ellen Jones Davis Highland UMC, Raleigh
1327 Dona Jean Koeberl Epworth United Methodist Church, Durham, NC
1328 Lauren Krueger Highland UMC, Raleigh
1329 Kelly Barr Rowland UMC, Rowland, NC
1330 Ruth Earp Coble Highland UMC, Raleigh
1331 Meredith Knight Saint Francis UMC Cary NC
1332 Becca Knight Saint Francis UMC
1333 Sandra Shepherd Resurrection & Calvary UMC. Durham
1334 Rev. Heather Herrin Wong First UMC Cary
1335 Ellen Chambers Saint Francis UMC Cary
1336 Rev Phillip K Cates All Saints UMC
1337 Deanna Kreiser Scroggs Swansboro United Methodist
1338 Jennifer Sweeting Epworth United Methodist, Durham
1349 Rev. Laura Johnson Windborne UMC, Raleigh
1340 Louise Alfredson Windborne UMC Raleigh
1341 Steven McNulty Windborne UMC, Raleigh
1342 Lawson Cope Highland UMC, Raleigh
1343 Elizabeth Bryson Cokesbury UMC Stedman
1344 Renee aycock St. James UMC; raleigh
1345 Betsy Allen Hayes Barton United Methodist Church
1346 Dr. William Lee Edenton Street United Methodist Church
1347 Lynn McCulloch Macedonia UMC
1348 Rick Beech Apex UMC
1349 Rev. Dr. J. Christian Wilson University UMC Chapel Hill, NC
1350 Gail Hardin FUMC Cary
1351 Rachel Gorrell Windborne UMC
1352 Sarah Bacik Macedonia UMC, Cary
1353 Edward Strong St.James UMC
1354 Lisa R Brown Windborne UMC Raleigh
1355 Amy Fain Johnson Edenton St UMC
1356 Nancy W. Nutt Hayes Barton UMC, Raleigh
1357 Rev Hope Vickers Wrightsville, Wrightsville Beach
1358 steven gorrell Windborne UMC
1359 Amy Needham Edenton Street UMC Raleigh
1360 Hope Vickers Wrightsville UMC, Wrightsville Beach
1361 Marion R. Strong St. James United Methodist Church
1362 Sandra Henderson United Methodist Church Apex, Apex NC
1363 William Widholm Faith Harbor United Methodist Church
1364 Rev. Dr. John Van Dickens Retired elder, serving Monroe UMC, IA
1365 Bill Arney Soapstone UMC, Raleigh NC
1366 Carl H. Ripberger FUMC Cary, NC
1367 neil e broadwell FUMC, Cary
1368 Elizabeth F H Fouts Soapstone UMC
1369 Colleen Lee Edenton St UMC
1370 Edward Hall Fairmont UMC
1371 Deborah Happel Former Haymount UMC, Fayetteville
1372 Robin Faltz 519
1373 Lisa McNeil Windborne United Methodist Church
1374 Scotta Barsella Epworth UMC
1375 Elizabeth A Soukup Northwoods, Jacksonville
1376 Paul Pedziwiatr Hollands UMC, Raleigh, NC-RECENTLY LEFT THE CHURCH AFTER
1377 Andrea adams turner Soapstone UMC, Raleigh NC
1378 Allison Burnham Morgan Highland UMC, Raleigh
1379 PD McNeil Windborne UMC, Raleigh
1380 Linda Mitchell Epworth UMC, Durham
1381 Nancy Payne Epworth, Durham
1382 Julie Linville Peak UMC
1383 Scott Stephens Macedonia United Methodist Church
1384 Kimberly Ripberger FUMC Cary NC
1385 Alex Lee Apex UMC
1386 Heazel D Trimer Macedonia UMC
1387 Rev. Kathy A. Clark-Dickens (ret) Monroe UMC; Monroe, IA
1388 Paige McMillan Haymount
1389 Becky Bradley United Methodist Church
1390 Melanie Baiardo St. James UMC, Raleigh NC
1391 Kelby Brown Citywell UMC
1392 Fran McMillan Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh
1393 Edith Salazar White Plains UMC
1394 Lara Siffer Edenton St. UMC
1395 Mary Teta Bugger Highland UMC Raleigh
1396 David Collins Carrboro United Methodist Church
1397 Kathy LaMaster Elizabethtown
1398 Fred C. West Skyland UMC, Asheville NC
1399 Catherine S. West Skyland UMC, Asheville, NC
1400 Douglas Guerry Matthews 519 Church: A Community of Apex UMC
1401 Lauren Talley-Smith Fuquay-Varina
1402 Ashley Sartain Epworth, Durham
1403 Beacham McDougalf First United Methodist, Laurinburg
1404 Betty Peterson University UMC Chapel Hill
1405 Michelle Neill White Plains UMC
1406 Ben Spangler Calvary UMC, Durham
1407 Hunter H Jones Hayes Barton United Methodist Church
1408 Joe Haggerty Wake Forest (NC) UMC
1409 Annette L Litzenberger University UMC, Chapel Hill
1410 Rob Bowerman All Saints' UMC, Raleigh
1411 Jill KUYKENDALL Church on Morgan, Raleigh
1412 Rev. Justin Wells Lea's Chapel UMC, Roxboro
1413 Anne Sassaman University UMC, Chapel Hill
1414 Jennifer Ennis Windborne UMC
1415 Douglas J Jones Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh
1416 Jodi Marie Anderzhon Shenandoah, Iowa First United Methodist Church
1417 Melanie Stauffer Peak UMC
1418 Tom Sharp Holly Springs UMC, Holly Springs
1419 Clint Gruwell HUMC Woodstock Ga
1420 Elsa Kimbell
1421 Cat Clyburn
1422 Thomas Hudson
1423 Jane Albright
1424 Susan Brosnan
1425 PJ Baker
1426 Carol Lucas Amity UMC, Chapel Hill NC
1427 J. Danshaw
1428 Lacey Seaton
1429 Bob Seaton
1430 Mark Hipps-Figgs
1431 Buddy Dean
1432 Evelyn Knight
1433 John Legge
1434 Liddy Grantlord
1435 Jake Derry
1436 Don Gedeon
1437 Jin Lee
1438 Sherry Huffer
1439 John Thomas
1440 Rev. Jan Thornton-Irvine
1441 Rev. Julian Irvine
1442 Ken Branch
1443 Al Elsenrath
1444 Thomas Wright
1445 Kevin Welch
1446 Rev. Ernesto Barriguete
1447 Devin Posey
1448 Erin Luthin
1449 Ames Simmons
1450 Tammy Shaw
1451 Tammy Blackburn
1452 Ruth Kraus
1453 Jennifer Cates
1454 Kenyan Stanford
1455 Doug Bradley
1457 David F. Weaver wesley memorial umc, Wilmington
1458 Eric J Crissman First - Graham
1459 Robyn Katherine Denson Apex United Methodist Church, Apex NC
1460 Colin Bross Highland UMC, Raleigh
1461 Christoper Martin Highland Methodist
1462 Susan Easter White Plains UMC
1463 Sarah L. Sibley Mentor United Methodist Church
1464 Laura Alexander Saint Francis UMC
1465 Jim Alexander Saint Francis UMC
1466 Louise Fussell Soapstone UMC
1467 Mark Piper Orange UMC, Chapel Hill
1468 Rev. W. Joseph Mann Edenton Street UMC
1469 Rev Glenda N Johnson Highland UMC
1470 Margie Ford Highland UMC
1471 Jan F. Sassaman University UMC, Chapel Hill
1472 Patricia Allen ESUMC Raleigh, NC
1473 Edward Barrows St Francis UMC, Cary , NC
1474 Cathleen Barrows St. Francis UMC, Cary
1475 Holly Van Apeldoorn Wakefield United Methodist church
1476 Dr. Fred Ibberson Epworth UMC
1477 Amy Rogers Millbrook UMC, Raleigh NC
1478 Glenn R. Astolfi Apex United Methodist Apex
1479 James Rogers Millbrook UMC
1480 Florine P. Layman Parkwood United Methodist, Durham, NC
1481 Jimmy N. Layman Parkwood United Methodist, Durham, NC
1482 Michele Gipson University UMC
1483 Elizabeth Douglas Blair Sandy Plains UMC, Pembroke
1484 Pam Maher St. Mark's UMC, Raleigh
1485 Linda Hodges First United Methodist Church in Cary
1486 Rev. Dr. Johnson Flicker University UMC, Chapel Hill
1487 Rev. Cameron Merrill Hillsborough UMC, Hillsborough
1488 Lisa Reynolds Helena UMC, Timberlake
1489 Jenny gephart HUMC, Hillsborough nc
1490 Joyce Walker Highland UMC
1491 Jennifer Orr Apex United Methodist Church, Apex
1492 Linda Worley North Raleigh UMC
1493 Scott Mollenkopf Apex UMC, Apex
1494 Katie Cable Soapstone UMC
1495 Diana Farren Lee Wrightsville United Methodists Church, Wrightsville Beach, NC
1496 Polly Stainback West Nash United Methodist in Wilson, NC
1497 Vicki Morris Oakgrove UMC Havelock
1498 Mika Scarlett Soapstone UMC, Raleigh
1499 Rev Ruth Harper Stevens All Saints UMC, Morrisville
1500 Lydia Desmond Wrightsville United Methodist, Wrightsville Beach NC
1501 Patti Rockefeller Edenton St UMC, Raleigh
1502 James Shaw Amity UMC Chapel Hill
1503 Helen Ryde Haywood Street Congregation, Asheville, NC
1504 Ally Fouts Soapstone, Raleigh
1505 Ashton Worley North Raleigh UMC, Raleigh
1506 Brennan Mange Epworth United Methodist Church
1507 Dr. Joseph Jerald Cole III Wrightsville Beach UMC
1508 George D. Stephens, Jr. Wrightsville UMC Wrightsville Beach, N.C.
1509 Dr. Chessie Green North Raleigh UMC
1510 JoAnn Lea Saint Luke United Methodist Church, Laurinburg, NC
1511 Bill Arney Soapstone UMC, Raleigh NC
1512 Erin Sloan North Raleigh United Methodist Church, Raleigh NC
1513 Elisabeth S Lane North Raleigh United Methodist Church
1514 Rev. Joseph Casteel Roanoke Rapids: First UMC
1515 Rev. John Tyson, Ph.d. Duck, NC
1516 Christa Bockweg Windborne United Methodist, Raleigh
1517 Adam Broome University UMC, Chapel Hill

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