Women Entrepreneurs Survey
Questionnaire for women-led and/or women managed businesses
I. Personal Information
1. Which Age category do you belong to?
2. What is your marital status
3. Do you have Children?
4. If yes, how many?
5. How old are they ?
6. How many children live at home with you?
7. Do you have help with kids at home (e.g. maid, grandparents, etc.)?
8. Which of the following best describes your level of education attained?
9. Have you attended any professional/vocational education / training?
10. Are you an entrepreneur (this includes self-employed people as well)?
11. If not, do you have a leading (managerial) position in your enterprise/organisation?
12. Please indicate your exact position in your organisation
Your answer
II. Enterprise Information
13. What is the size of your enterprise?
14. What is the percentage of women in your company?
15. What is your sector of activities? Try to use the relevant NACE classification: http://ec.europa.eu/competition/mergers/cases/index/nace_all.html
Your answer
16. Do you consider the sector you are working in to be male or female dominated ?
17. At what age did you start your own business?
Your answer
18. Have you always worked for yourself (yes) or have you been an employee once (no)?
19. If no, how many employers did you have before starting your own business?
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20. Is your present business the first Business you own?
21. If no, what happened to the enterprise(s) you have owned previoulsy?
22. How was your Company founded?
23. When you started your business, what were the main obstacles you faced?
24. What made you start your own business?
25. What are the main obstacles you are facing now in the running of your business?
26. How many hours per week do you dedicate to your business?
Your answer
27. Which of the following situations – if any - did you face in running your business ?
Not at all
To some extent
To a large extent
Lack of confidence in your capabilities by male business partners
Lack of confidence in your capabilities by female business partners
Lack of acceptance by your business environement
Lack of confidence from financial institutions
Lack of acceptance of your role by society in general
Other situations
28. What should be done to improve the situation of women in male-dominated jobs and sectors?
29. Do these statements apply to you ?
Not at all
To some extent
To a large extent
It would have been easier to me to access my current position if I was a man
I have to pay much more attention to my physical appearance/attractiveness compared to men if I wish to be successful in my career
It would have been easier for me to get professional advancement if I was a man
Pregnancy and motherhood have been / are or will be obstacles to my career/financial advancement
Women are very well educated. But there is different treatment with the same qualification of man and woman.
30. Which of the following measures to promote the careers of women are currently being applied in your company?
31. From your point of view: What are the reasons for the under-representation of women in companies?
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