GTCHS Carpool Connection
An optional tool set up by GTCHS to assist our new and existing families in finding carpool options for students and their families.

The information you provide is at your own risk. GTCHS nor PIP is responsible for the information that is provided or accessed by other parents.

Please answer the questions below and you will be able to review responses via a Google Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet contains information provided by other parents. You should contact other parents on the list. IT IS HIGHLY SUGGESTED that you meet the other parents and students at a public place. Introduce students to each other and exchange information. This will allow students and parents to get to know each other. Allowing the students to recognize cars that will be picking them up as well as arrange a carpool schedule.

Once you have secured a carpool, please remove your contact information from the list.

Click here to see other responses.

Remember that carpooling counts towards your service hours.

Happy carpooling!!

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