Senior Parent Brag Sheet - Class of 2020
Parental insight often gives us valuable information that will assist us in writing a powerful and comprehensive counselor recommendation. Please take some time to respond to the following questions. We hope that you will share this information with your son/daughter. This information will be provided to his/her guidance counselor only and will not be shared with colleges, employers, etc. Thank you for your help!
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1. What would you consider to be your son's/daughter's most outstanding personality traits or qualities? What should the whole world know about him/her?
2. What do you see as your child's strengths and weaknesses and are these concerns as he/she enters the college application or employment process?
3. Describe one or two major events that you see as turning points in your son's/daughter's development and describe why you see them as such.
4. What would you consider your child's most outstanding accomplishment over his/her high school career thus far?
5. Where do you see your son/daughter in 5 to 10 years from now?
6. What words would you use to describe your son/daughter and why?
7. Are there any unusual or personal circumstances which have affected your son/daughter that you wish to share with us and which we or a college/employer should be aware of?
8. Any other information or concerns:
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