University of Alberta High School Model United Nations Registration Form
Stage 4: Conference Policies
Several years ago, Risk Management Services at the university required us to have every student fill out a waiver. This resulted in massive piles of paper, and general confusion on the part of those who weren't completely sure what they had signed. Since then, we have digitized the process. A form with conference information, policies, and information from the waiver is posted here online for teachers to read and agree to. It is the teacher's responsibility to ensure that their students have read, understand, and agree to these policies.

HSMUN and the University of Alberta are in no way responsible for the supervision of conference delegates: teacher supervisors are. If you have any questions, please email us at

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Photography and Video Policy *
By registering in the University of Alberta's High School Model United Nations Conference, all participants agree to be photographed and videotaped. These photos and videos may appear on the HSMUN website, various HSMUN social media outlets, in promotional material, and may be displayed throughout the conference.
Foreign Policy Advisors (FPAs) *
To clarify: the role of these individuals within committee is to be of use as a resource, and to be a knowledgeable and approachable figure for students with questions about foreign policy. Please communicate to your students that the foreign policy advisors are there to help them with any and all questions that they may have throughout the conference. These foreign policy advisors will give out their usual letters to delegates who stray from their foreign policy, but these letters are intended to guide and teach rather than to punish.
Supervisor Involvement *
One teacher, parent, or other supervisor per school is required to be present at all times during the conference. At the start of the conference, the Secretary-General and Director-General’s phone numbers will be distributed. This will help supervisors to contact the appropriate personnel should there be concerns in any committee. As a reminder, supervisors are required to stay at the banquet until the all of their students have left.
Conference Conflicts *
As always, the executive and volunteers at HSMUN strive for a conference that is enjoyable for all. However, if conflicts or issues arise, we ask that the following steps be taken. Teachers and supervisors should contact the Secretary-General, whose cell phone number and email will be made available. Students should contact their teachers, who will bring the issue to the the Secretary-General. For this reason, it is important that teachers are accessible to students whether by distributing their cell phone number or by circulating through committees. Abusive behavior towards other delegates and the HSMUN volunteers/executive will not be tolerated.
Dress Code *
The dress code for HSMUN committee sessions is business attire. Delegates are permitted to bring country flags to the conference, but any props, including novelty hats or shirts, are NOT allowed. If students' financial situations make it difficult to follow the dress code, students are asked to alert either the HSMUN executive or their teacher, who will pass that information on to the HSMUN executive.
Teacher's Responsibility *
As a teacher responsible for registering students at HSMUN, I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that my students have read, understood, and agree to these policies.
Position Papers *
Students participating in the conference as a representative of a red country/committee as listed at will not be allowed any voting privileges until their position paper is received.
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