Speed Run on Vault of Glass | Sign-ups

DestinyDads and DadsGaming are taking part in a VoG Speed Run on NORMAL hosted by our friends SGN (Syndicate Gaming Network).
Here are the requirements for the run:
- Event is on May 2nd and playtime is set by your team leader.
- Must be a member in one of the DadsGaming Clans
- Full teams must be registered before Tuesday, April 28th. Teams can have alternates on stand-by too, but they will also need to register here.
- One (1) team member must video stream the VoG run, then send YouTube link to @DestinyDads using hashtags #DadsGaming #VoGRun
- Time begins when the streamer says, "Go!"
- Time ends when Atheon goes down.

** Please answer all required questions below**

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