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Quotes do not include Shipping , import fees, duties or taxes.( when applicable) No price quotes will be given during initial consultation. A %50 Deposit will be required and received before order is started.
Acquisition and production times may vairy depending on designs and gems required for your design. If we cannot make what you are looking for. We are committed to work with our suppliers and partner designers to ensure you get that piece you've always wanted and dreamed of. ***Please keep in mind that the cost of stones and precious metal can vairy day to day. Custom jewlery is an investment. And is a stable way to protect your assets. Investing in your self. Gold/platinum are at an all-time high and that cost will be reflected in all quotes and is adjusted regularly according to current market values. Gemstones can also be fairly pricy depending on the desired gem, and can be upwards of $1000 or higher pr ct. Designs by Niko only uses certified conflict free natural precious gems. certified high graded lab grown gems (which are chemically identical to natural gemstones) As well as certified Gem simulants (imitation) Semi-precious gems are also available.
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