INN Internship Character Reference CONFIDENTIAL

The INN is an interdenominational Christian mission serving college-­‐age adults in the Bellingham area.

References completed by relatives or peers will not be considered.

A little about the INN
The INN is a mission to share the good news of Jesus Christ with college aged men and women at Western Washington University and in the greater Bellingham area.

Our hope is not simply that men and women would come to know the saving and healing love of God in Jesus Christ but that they would grow toward the full maturity of their Heavenly Father (Matthew 5:48) and become agents of reconciliation. We believe that God’s Spirit is constantly raising up men and women to courageously participate in His passionate mission of bringing healing, restoration and new life to all of creation (Colossians 1).

We believe the implications are enormous for individuals, families, communities, all forms of work and culture.

Our hope is that the INN would be used to help young adults understand more of their unique calling therefore shape the trajectory of their lives toward service and love of neighbor. In our over 40 years of history we have been humbled and blessed to watch how Jesus has changed and shaped the trajectory of men and women through the INN for redemptive influence in families, churches, non-­‐profits, businesses and communities around the country and beyond.

The INN utilizes a number of programs and opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus and foster growth in discipleship that include weekly gatherings of teaching and worship, small groups, mission trips, activities, service projects, and opportunities for leadership development.

Our goal is to create context where students can experience the Living God, wrestle with the claims and teachings of Scripture and take the next step of faith regardless of where they are on their journey.

Five broad topics serve as the outlines of content for intern study and reflection

1. Where and How do I Belong within a Team or Community?
2. Discernment & Calling
3. Leadership & Ministry
4. Understanding the Trajectory of my Story
5. Biblical & Theological Foundations

Questions presented to interns to help them discern if this is the right opportunity for them at this time.
> Do I have a passion to see more people come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, experience healing and forgiveness, and grow into the character of our Heavenly Father?
> Do I enjoy meeting with people and developing relationships whether as an introvert or extrovert?
> Am I interested exploring ministry as either a specific vocation or in terms of the intersection of faith and work so that I might be a minister no matter what I do?
> Do I have experience in both initiating and following through with tasks, projects, and relationships?
> Am I willing to take risks, try new things and move outside my comfort zone and current competency for the sake of developing?
> Am I open to being teachable, humble and flexible recognizing internships are about learning, discovery and development?
> Am I driven to work hard and seek excellence in all I do?
> Am I able to balance short-­term goals with a bigger picture and connect individual elements to their role in the greater vision?
Have I been able to pace myself in places of high demand so as to run marathons instead of sprints? Am I prone to burnout?
> Is this a moment in life where I’m healthy enough that I can invest myself in others?
> Am I at a place in my discipleship journey where I can speak personally of God’s goodness, faithfulness, truth and love with others?

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