Closed2018 SRI Scholarship Application
Please complete the questions below and submit your academic or professional resume as a WORD document (not a PDF please) to by midnight eastern time June 30, 2018. Winners will be announced in late August. Questions can also be sent to the above e-mail address. NOTE: You must be a student (full or part time, undergraduate or graduate) or less than three years post graduation to qualify for this scholarship.
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In no more than 500 words, why do you want to attend the SRI Conference? Why are you interested in the field of SRI/ESG investing? What have you done that demonstrates your interest? *
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One of the requirements of receiving this scholarship is that you share what you are leaning via social media. In not more than 100 words, how might you fulfill this requirement and what audiences might you reach? *
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Who is one person who can attest to your interest in SRI/ESG investing and how might we contact them? *
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We are committed to sourcing a pool of applicants that is diverse in every way possible. Please let us know how we are doing by checking all that apply to you in the demographic section below. I identify myself as: *
Applications are reviewed "blind" meaning our readers do not see names or other identifiers when reviewing applications. Therefore, it is very important that you send your resume as a Word doc (not PDF) to have sent my resume as a Word doc to *
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