CKUT Alumni Database Survey
Are you a CKUT Alumni? Tell us what you loved, hated and what your involvement was at CKUT by filling out the short survey below! The information will be used to update our alumni database, so we can continue to share the CKUT love with you and get in touch about exciting events and anniversaries to come!

Questions, comments, concerns? Email alumni @ ckut dot ca
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Whether you hosted a show, were an intern, were on a committee or the Board of Directors, or somehow contributed to the station, when did that first spark happen?
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Who else did you participate with at the station? Do you have email contacts for other CKUT alumni? If so, please share!
Do you have their current contact info? Send them this survey, or if you don't have their info, let us know their names and we will try to get in touch with them!
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Share an anecdote (or two!) about your time at CKUT. *
Weird, hilarious, sad, let us know what kind of stuff happened when you were around!
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Would you like your story to be part of our oral histories project?
Let us know and we'll get in touch about recording your experiences, including sharing them on the CKUT website!
Got more to share?
Thanks for filling out the survey! Please get in touch with us at alumni @ ckut dot ca if you have more anecdotes, questions, or comments!
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