PPCM Covid-19 Survey

First, THANK YOU for helping us by answering this survey!

We are sending out this survey to better understand the needs and feelings of our community. Anyone responding with a name and email address will be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card, although you can choose to remain anonymous as well.

Survey responses will help us better plan for the future of Pikes Peak Children's Museum. Whether you have attended an event with us or not, your opinions in this survey matter.

The questions in this survey will be to gauge the following for Pikes Peak Children's Museum:
- Needs/Services that we can try to meet right now
- The future of any programming
- The future of Noon Year's Eve

If you are a teacher we would love for you to also take the specific School survey! Any teacher that participates will be entered to win a FREE In School Field trip for their classroom. Please find the survey using this link: https://forms.gle/r1SfgSTW96fvFpUn6
What Needs Can We Address Now?
We want to know how we can be of help to our community in the NOW!
Digitally - How can we be a resource for your children? *
FB Lives with activities, printables, How to videos, educational teaching, etc.
Non Digital - How can we be a resource for your children? *
Some ideas have been to provide kits, delivered activities, STEM activities at FREE lunch programs, etc. Is there any interest in any sort of in person events/activities?
Subjects/Topics of Interest for your Child(ren)? *
Tell us some of the subjects or topics that your child(ren) love right now! Whether it is coding and history OR dinosaurs and unicorns! We want to know what they are interested in learning all about! You can just make a list. You do not have to distinguish between each child unless you would like to.
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