Women Techmakers - From idea to running a firm
Women Techmakers (GDG Prague) & WomenWill (GBG Prague) are joining for a great event. Do you have any great idea for startup? Are you a developer or a woman, who wants to bring her business potential to life? Verka and Standa Koukalovi will guide you through a great workshop based on Dungeons & Dragons game principles, where you learn all you need to know about starting your own thing:

"Welcome to our 'failcon' story of how we created Robeeto - a startup of shared economics. Learn from our mistakes and more - how to work with the initial idea, who else do you need except you as a developer. How we learned from our mistakes, redesigned the idea and created an ecosystem of people who love what they do. Step by step, we will look at the process from idea to creating your own monster. So you can call with us - It's aliiiiive!!!"

Registration needed, workshop is free. Capacity is limited.

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