VC DSA Mutual Aid Assistance Request
COVID-19 has hit a lot of people in our community very hard, and it's clearer than ever we need to stand together in solidarity to get through this time and build a stronger and more connected Ventura County for the future. Whether you're an elder, immunocompromised, or a working person juggling the impossible demands of self-quarantine, making ends meet, and caring for children with the school system shut down, our volunteers are eager to support you. Let us know what you need and we'll do our best to help!
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Where are you in Ventura County? (pick the nearest place) *
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Does anybody (including you) live in your home who is over 70 and/or immunocompromised? *
How many people currently live with you?
Is there anyone in your household who is currently experiencing symptoms of flu-like illness, or has tested positive for COVID-19? (If this is true, PLEASE self-quarantine and we will do our best to keep you supplied with necessities.) *
Do your current economic circumstances make it a hardship for you to afford food and/or housing payments? *
Do any children live in your home? *
What kind of assistance do you need? We should have more options available soon, feel free to use the "Other" option to ask for anything you need and we'll do our best to connect you with help. *
How do you prefer to exchange money? (check everything that works for you) NOTE: We're not distributing monetary assistance right now, this is to reimburse the volunteer who picks up your items from the store. *
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