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Protest Plays Project has initiated an online playwright residency to encourage theatrical conversation between communities. This project is in its infancy, with our first round playwrights currently writing material as we invite theatres/theatre groups in each playwright's community to consider presenting selected readings of short plays written for the project. Our hope is that by introducing short, brand new plays inspired by each playwright's community, we can cultivate empathy and engage in inter-community conversations about social issues currently at play in our nation.

Protest Plays Project is looking for playwrights interested in writing plays about/inspired by the communities they live in. Issues may be local or national, but the people and perspectives within the plays will come from the playwright’s own community. The key is to get local with the material, and to share insight into each community's current issues of concern/share perspectives that might not be seen on bigger stages. We want to connect people and communities through these plays!

What we are asking of you, the playwright:
- To write 3 short plays or monologues over the 3 month residency, which are inspired by/about your community.
- A brief post to accompany each play about what inspired the piece/why the issues explored in each piece matter to you/should matter to the audience.
- To allow theatres participating in the Heal the Divide free reading series to present readings your plays for the public. **If a theatre wants to produce your play, we will put them in contact with you and leave royalty negotiations up to you and the producing party. PPP will not participate in negotiations for/or/ask for a cut of production royalties.**

What you, the playwright, can expect from us:
- To publish and promote your play on our site
- To share your script with theatres participating in our Heal the Divide reading series
- To pay each playwright a $75 ($25-per-play) stipend for allowing us to share their work on our site. (Playwright retains copyright/all production rights/etc. PPP is only sharing the script on its site and doesn’t ask for any other rights regarding plays.)


Residencies last 3 months, with 3-5 playwrights writing in each residency period. Please visit our website for more information. www.ProtestPlaysProject.org
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