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"It Is Time" to Submit your Story, Waiver of Release of Liability, and Permission to Publish Your Story

We are inviting stories of everyday miracles.

Wisdom is shared from generation to generation through storytelling. Today’s times call for stories that bring hope and inspiration.

Do you have a story of an experience that lives in you and struck you as magical when it happened? Maybe you did not believe it at first. Maybe you thought no one would believe you if you told your story? Or maybe you rushed to tell everyone because it was miraculous and you could not believe it yourself?

In 500 words or less bring it to life for others to feel and visualize.

Your story is your experience. Only you know the facts and details. We invite you to tell us your story through your own filter of understanding and meaning.

We may use your story in a book or other publication and social media to inspire others through the age-old gift of storytelling. It Is Time.

*Please tell your story in 500 words or less.
*End your story with the message or insight that your story gave you.
*You may also choose to include an image that relates to, or is an actual photo of your story if applicable. Send your image to us at with the title of your story in the subject line.

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