QReview: Consumer Survey
Market research for consumer discrimination.
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We’re asking you questions to learn more about where you feel safe and have fun when you go out.
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How often do you go out? (Ex: Bars, restaurants, gyms, and other social spaces.)
Do you or anyone you know have concerns about going out in public based on your identity?
Which part(s) of your/their identity causes concern when going out in public? Select all that apply.
Do you identify as the following? Select all that apply. *
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Do you agree with or can you relate to any of the following statements? *
New methods are needed to reduce discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people. *
Do you or have you use(d) any tools/sites/apps because of the previous concerns? If so, which ones? *
If you could read reviews on LGBTQ+ or minority-related inclusion/acceptance at a new place, would you check it before you went there?
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