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Citizen Science DNA Ancestors and Gedmatch Release Survey: Autosomal/X PopGenComp 
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Each entry in this form gets available in a public spreadsheet
Easier Autosomal/X Genetic Genealogy at :
For the advantage of selective match comparison and ancestral research for every participant.
Do not submit information you would like to keep private! ID *
This is the kit number assigned by which looks like F12345, M12345, A12345.
Setting *
Gedmatch has a kit profile setting to mark the kit as 'public', 'research' or 'private'. Only the public setting allows comparison with others and full participation in this list. Please select the setting of your kit: 
Alpine DNA Ancestry *
Quantity of proven genealogical ancestors from the Alpine area. If unknown make an estimate.
Main Alpine Region of Ancestry/Interest *
Grandparent Ancestry
Describe as good as you can and want to disclose the origin of each grandparents known ancestry:
locations (town/city, municipality, region)
ethnicity, profession, religion
surnames or informative oldest known ancestors with dates
Paternal Grandfather *
Paternal Grandmother *
Maternal Grandfather *
Maternal Grandmother *
Birth decade of the person providing the DNA sample (original test taker) *
Are you the original test taker or the legal beneficiary of the original test taker’s DNA sample? *
Sample (original test taker) Sex *
Type of test taken
If not identifiable by the Gedmatch ID
FTDNA kit#
If the kit donor has also a FamilyTreeDNA kit (and is member of the Alpine DNA project) please enter your FTDNA kit number to faciliate crossreferencing.
Name / Nickname
Entry for quick recognition of the kit owner in the spreadsheet. Avoid your full name if you do not like the data given in this form can be publicly connected to you. NB: Names and E-Mail contacts can be found in Gedmatch (only if public).
Consent Agreement Additional Alpine DNA research *
I, the undersigned and upon submission of this form, give my consent to use the designated SAMPLE DATA (kit ID, ancestry information, DNA results) for citizen science studies in the field of Population Genetic Comparisons (ancestry and relatives). I am aware that the SAMPLE DATA will be part of current and/or future publications distributed under free open access licenses like CC-BY. I understand that I can withdraw this decision at any moment. The kit ID will allow me to withdraw my submission at my will by directly contacting Population Genetic Comparisons (PopGenComp) contacts. However, when the SAMPLE DATA was already publicly available for distribution and download for users worldwide, I am aware that the SAMPLE DATA and any information present on the record will be publicly available. I understand that even if I withdraw the donation of the SAMPLE DATA from further scientific research and/or remove the SAMPLE DATA from the PopGenComp database after it has already been publicly released, it would still remain within the published papers, record indexes and in any other third party databases or online publications. In no event will the PopGenComp team (volunteers and/or researchers) be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, procurement of substitute goods or services; loss of use, data, or profits; or business interruption) however caused and on any theory of liability, whether in contract, strict liability, or tort (including negligence or otherwise) arising in any way out of the use of the SAMPLE DATA in scientific studies and publications. If any third party does not respect my consent strictly limited to population genetic comparisons (ancestry and relatives) or does not give credit to me (for example through kit ID/s) as owner of the data I will not hold the PopGenComp team responsible. Additional information (honor code, privacy) available at
No private research *
I understand that the PopGenComp research is focused on topics of scientific/general interest and usually does not invest in investigations of personal/genealogical interest. I also understand that my PopGenComp contact/s do not maintain newsletters or individual notication of research results and publication. For Alpine Research Kits with 100% Alpine ancestry usually are used as reference and for public comparisons. See for example
All data will be publicly available *
I understand that all data I submit here gets available in a public spreadsheet in the internet and is therefore public and findable. See existing data
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