Registration Form for the International Conference on Innovations in Science and Education (ISE) in Prague, March 17, 2021
ISEIC/CBUIC 2021. Please fill in only once using the English language (Latin script), email us at or should you want to update any information provided below.
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Based on the suggestion from the editorial board of Web of Science in 2020 we have split the sections of one conference into four proceedings books of the conference. All are published also online for free in PDF so you may download them as well. The book price includes standard worldwide postage. Most authors do not need it at all as PDF book suffices. More copies may need individual price adjustments.
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Surely can be changed later, just let us know. If you are sending more articles in multiple sections, let us know in email.
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Here you may inform us about issues you consider important. Also, you may write here more phone numbers to make sure we reach you if we need to. Also, if you are a Ph.D. student from non EU university indicate if you ask for lower price, we will let you know based on review of your article if we can offer it to you. Remember the PhD student has to be the first author of the article.
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