NCI CSBC Associate Membership Program Application Form
The goal of the CSBC Associate Membership program is to provide an opportunity for those who are not currently funded by the NCI for a CSBC award to engage in CSBC activities and potentially form collaborations with CSBC funded investigators. The Membership would allow domestic or foreign investigators or advocates who are not directly supported through a CSBC award, but are doing relevant research, to be able to (but will not be required to): (1) attend Steering Committee meetings as non-voting members, with the exception of meetings that are designated for CSBC members only; (2) attend Annual Investigators meetings; (3) attend and participate in working groups or interest groups ( All are welcome to apply.

Associate Members may actively engage in collaborative discussion, projects, and other CSBC activities as non-voting Members (i.e. contribute to working groups, attend annual meetings, participate in monthly Steering Committee meetings with the exception of meetings that are designated for CSBC members only, etc.). Associate members will uphold the spirit of openness that has been cultivated within the CSBC regarding presenting cutting-edge research. As such, Associate members agree not to discuss unpublished ideas and data presented outside of the consortium. Associate Members are expected to abide by all pertinent NIH and NCI policies as well as any additional CSBC-specific policies, as approved by the CSBC Steering Committee. Associate Members are encouraged to pursue collaborations with CSBC Members, shall include or acknowledge individual CSBC investigators on resulting publications, and shall abide by standard community data and resource sharing practices (i.e. associate Members should not analyze or publish non-public data without the consent of the data generators). Attending CSBC related meetings is not a requirement for Associate Members.

The importance of scientific discourse from differing viewpoints is valuable when discussing research directions and progress. Associate Members are invited to actively contribute to scientific discussions, and it is expected associate Members, CSBC investigators and administrators will work with inclusivity and respect for one another within a supportive and open environment.

Applicants must identify a current CSBC Member who will act as a sponsor for the applicant and who will provide a letter of support via this form: Applicants are responsible to ensure that this letter is submitted in a timely fashion. Information about the current CSBC Research Network can be found here: Contact Hannah Dueck ( for assistance in identifying an appropriate sponsor, if needed.

Associate Membership requires yearly renewal.

Failure to abide by these rules and policies may result in suspension or termination of membership.

To view a list of current CSBC Associate Members, visit:
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