Flash Treats!
Week of 5/10-5/16: I'll be baking the items listed below.
Complete the form & I'll send you an invoice. I will only be baking the items on the corresponding date below.

You must pick up your baked goods on the agreed upon time you select from the Calendly link.
Due to rising summer temperatures, it's important you pick up your sweets at your chosen time frame.
As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out. Thanks for being here<3

Orders for 5/10 Flash Treats will close 5/9 at 6 pm.
for all other Flash Treat bake days, orders will close 5/11 at 6 pm.

If you don't get your order in on time, you can try to snag extras from my IG story sales.
Keep the notifications turned on for the best luck ;)
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5/10 Hand Pies: $5 each (indicate in comment section how many of each you'd like).
5/13 Hand Pies + Cookies (Indicate in the comment section how many of each you'd like)
5/14: Cookie Cake + Funfetti Cookies (Indicate in the comment section how many of each you'd like)
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