Bellerive Submission Form 2019- Issue 20

Bellerive has switched its form submission process to one that is entirely online. Below, you will find links to two submission forms (with new guidelines) to each category of submissions.

Please note: you may submit to each category, you will just have to individually submit to separate forms. We're hoping this process is a little more streamlined, with written works in the same form and art and music in another. We apologize for the inconvenience, but as you will now be uploading your submissions to the form itself, it is necessary to make the categorical distinction. We appreciate you bearing with us through this time of growth!

*Alumni, please pay attention to your submission limits!
To submit poetry or prose, please click this link:
To submit art or music, please click this link:
For any and all questions, please email us!
We can be reached at
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