Actocacy* Pledge
*Actocacy is advocacy where the advocates take personal actions to fight for the cause they are advocating for.
I believe that women’s empowerment begins with me, and my self-belief that no woman should be discriminated against because of her gender identity or sexual orientation. I believe that a woman must have complete agency over her life and must be free to enjoy her right to make choices regarding her body, her education, her occupation and all her life decisions.

I believe that sustainable progress cannot be attained until women receive a rightful share to contribute in all spheres of life and lead our society with their meritorious potential.

I will not tolerate gender stereotypes that stem from our society’s prejudiced and patriarchal mind set that define, limit and ridicule women’s roles, expectations and possibilities. I will speak up, encourage and participate in open conversations about issues surrounding violence against women, women’s bodies and feelings; gender identity and sexuality that have been silenced and suppressed by our societies for thousands of years.
I will empower women by taking affirmative actions to contribute towards women’s education, employment and entrepreneurial ventures. In signing this pledge I honor the struggles and celebrate different voices of Actocates** before and among us, and commit myself to fight for women’s rights until women are treated as equal members of the society. As a demonstration of my solidarity to the cause, I vow to convince three more people to sign this pledge.

**Actocates are those practicing Actocacy.

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