FCCT 2018 Audition Form: The Little Mermaid
Thank you for auditioning for Fort Collins Children's Theatre production of The Little Mermaid (no official announcement can be made until Sept. 2!) We need adult as well as children (age 11 and older) actors! There are many fabulous roles for various ages and types. We usually like to cast at least 28 to 30 people, and our Ensemble roles are always very active and important!

This form is required for your audition. Please fill this out prior to your audition on Saturday, August 25, 2018. After choosing an hour time slot, you will be assigned to a 20 minute time slot within that hour, along with 3 or 4 other auditionees, and an email confirmation will be sent by early August.

Please make yourself available for callbacks on Sunday, August 26, 1-4pm. If you are called back, you will sing excerpts from the show and read scenes from the script. Not all roles will be called back. Call backs will be announced online after 6pm on Saturday, August 25.

Auditions are located at the Backstage Collective Warehouse: 720 East Vine Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80524

For your musical audition, please prepare: two contrasting songs, 16-32 bars in length, in the style of the show. Please bring Sheet music in the appropriate key with cuts marked. Accompanist is provided; no CD tracks or a capella please. Songs from the show are not required, but acceptable. Some singers may be asked to demonstrate their vocal range through basic vocal exercises. You must also prepare a one-minute comedic monologue from a published play. Show character and strong choices with your piece.

Bring clothing and shoes for movement.

For questions about the audition process and roles please contact Karen Christophersen at kchristo61@gmail.com.

Character Breakdown:
Ariel – mermaid, Triton’s youngest daughter – Lead Female Mezzo-Soprano
Prince Eric – human monarch – Lead Male Baritone
Sebastian – a crab, advisor to Triton - Lead Male Tenor
Ursula – the sea witch, Triton’s sister - Lead Female Alto
King Triton – King of the sea Supporting Male Baritone
Grimsby – guardian of Prince Eric Supporting Male Spoken, Baritone
Flounder – a fish, Ariel’s best friend Supporting Male Tenor/Soprano
Scuttle – seagull, expert in human artifacts Supporting Male Tenor
Pilot – helmsman of Prince Eric’s ship Featured Male Baritone
Leeward – trumpet fish, court herald Featured M or F Spoken
Windward – trumpet fish, court herald Featured M or F Spoken
Chef Louis – Palace Chef Featured Male Tenor
Flotsam – eel, Ursula’s lackey Featured Male or Female
Jetsam – eel, Ursula’s lackey Featured Male or Female
6 Mersisters of Ariel Featured Female Soprano/Alto: Acquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Allana, Adella

Ensemble Roles: M or F
Sea Creatures (various species, sizes)
Chefs (sous staff of Chef Louis)
Princesses (potential mates for Eric)

Please complete the application below to register for auditions.

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Choose the time slot for which you will audition. Ages 11-18: Saturday: 9a.m to 12:00 Ages 19+: Saturday 1:00 to .4:00pm. You will be assigned a 20 minute time slot within that period and notified of your specific audition time via email. Callbacks are Sunday, August 26 1-4pm. The Sunday callbacks list will be posted online the evening of Saturday, August 25 after 6pm.
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